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    The reaction to the catchphrase had me in tears, but the flat-out stupidity of the catchphrase itself didn't hurt. Though, I can't help but hear it as some ridiculous hoity-toity name...


    Malcolm d'Broccoli Bling Bling, serving the good people of Devonshire at the pleasure of His Royal Majesty.


    I considered attempting wit until I realized that absurdism always wins here.


    Malcolm d'Broccoli's Bling Bling: an exposition of one nobleman's appetite for extravagance.

  2. Aww I really like Jake.

    Can anyone explain the catchphrase, by the way?


    "Malcolm to Broccoli Bling Bling! I'm your ghost, Scott Aukerman."


    The catchphrase is just near-rhymes to Scott's common welcome. I was stunned by its apparent success, which it probably didn't deserve.


    Regardless, I'm especially gratified by PFT's reaction.


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