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  1. Now THIS, was a terrible movie. I wasn't expecting much, but wow did this movie completely underwhelm me and made me WTF several times, specifically with Chris Klein's portrayal of Charlie.
  2. babotwinkie

    Street Fighter (1994)

    I remember being 11 or 12 when this movie came out in theatres, and my parent's friends had a son who was old enough to drive and took us to see it during Christmas break. I remember walking out of that movie and thinking this was the first bad movie that I've ever seen in my entire life (at that time). I still feel bad for dragging him and spending money on this movie. Today I proudly own the DVD and pop it in from time to time for a good laugh. So many good one-liners, and Raul Julia's performance is awesome!
  3. babotwinkie

    Rage of a Ninja