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    Episode 43 — Wild Wild West

    I don't mind Kevin Smith and have enjoyed his movies. As for him being on the show, I found it a bit frustrating. I liked the stories he told, but this isn't the format I want to hear it in. I'm usually rolling in laughter, but I was disappointed this time around because they only talked about Wild Wild West for maybe 15 minutes out of the hour timeframe. I don't listen to How Did This Get Made to listen to Kevin Smith ramble on about his life, I listen to it be entertained at poking fun at the questionable choices movies make. Although the spider story was relevant, Kevin could've just started with him at the hairdresser's house. If I want the whole story I'll seek it out myself or listen to an outlet where Kevin Smith talks about his life. If he does come back as a guest again, please keep the stories short.