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  1. ericmci

    Episode 209 — China Adjacent Apartments

    Yo- both links including the GuCruise t-shirt go to the Kulap socks and not the t-shirt.
  2. ericmci

    Episode 209 — China Adjacent Apartments

    That's it I am moving to LA. Between things like Tru tv and Fuel etc Who can't get a show now? To be very clear this is no slight against Mo- I really know nothing about him it IS a statement that it seems easier and easier to work now if you're willing to do shows from people like the producers of Wipe Swap.
  3. ericmci

    Episode 208.5 — 11/28/14 TWO CHARTED 147

    I'm all for seeing what the crew comes up with for a new Kulap chart theme but only if it gets played in tandem with the original b/c that shit is smoooth. Too smooth to retire.
  4. ericmci

    Episode 526 - Background Singers

    Taylor Swift is from Western Pa. She is about as country Andrew. You see interviews with her parents and family and they have the flattest american accent- no country at all. Taylor Swift is an epidemic. She fronts on the nerdy misunderstood girl but looks like a cosmetics model. She is the guilty pleasure of so many girls because she's a modern day Cinderella and secretly so many of her 'fans' ironic or not want that story for themselves.
  5. ericmci

    Episode 206 — Career Killing Commercials

    She's from Israel orrrr Sweden. Same diff. I agree with eddie on this one- Tove Lo sounds like someone imagining real suffering instead of someone who probably got broken up with by text by a dude she went out with for a month.
  6. Really?- Really?! 'Language is a shared construct' My whole comment was in response to the other improvisers insisting their version was the correct one. Hey - we can all call up down and down green if we want. But you're right it is shared- and shared implies understanding so if there's a misunderstanding then the construct isn't functioning effectively. -What a Jay. (look it up)
  7. Did you click on the Cambridge Dictionary pronunciation guide? Are you calling the Cambridge DIctionary a 'bunch of idiots?' It IS pronounced that way and yes it's obviously an abbreviation but it doesn't it change or preclude it from being pronounced that way- correctly.
  8. Matt don't feel too bad about misinterpreting biopic. Everyone in the room was mispronouncing it. It is pronounced as - Bi-Opic - not bio-pic in the US. http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/pronunciation/british/biopic Unless you click on the British pronunciation then I guess Mookie and Baron are secret Brits. AL-You-Minnie-Um bitches!
  9. ericmci

    Episode 200.5 — 10/03/14 TWO CHARTED 139

    Now- I say Eff that Shmurda track THIS- is the real joint= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZa4yre0uEk Japanese Jungle Beetz ##$@%!%$ It's going to change your afternoon.
  10. Maybe we could get show notes for the music episodes, with a time index to mark beginning and ending of the music.
  11. ericmci

    Episode 193 — The Jonah-Kremer Disconnect

    Always good to hear Jonah on a podcast. But- the way he is mean muggin' in his headshot, I'm getting a rejected from the big brother program vibe.
  12. Sorry you don't enjoy my opinion. But to call it whining is like reverse trolling. I expressed an opinion I backed it up and I balanced it with positive remarks. Isn't that what creators are always 'whining' about that never happens on the 'internet' ? No what you want is everyone to agree and like Exactly what You like. Oh and if you think this podcast is free maybe you should look into how advertising works. I appreciate all the work that goes into making this but whether or not I contracted a person directly to carve this podcast out of granite I still have the right to an opinion about it. Its called having an audience.
  13. I like music, I like comedy. But I have to say that I find myself skipping through the musical guest here. Artists I like as well, and I know it's another way to spark improv- I can appreciate the cleverness but I find it to be a gear change I don't enjoy here. I have a similar experience when a stand up opens for a live band. Two great tastes that for me don't taste great together.
  14. ericmci

    Episode 181.5 — 5/23/14 TWO CHARTED 120

    Arcade Fire is Not Rock. It's something- else. Breakup soundtrack.
  15. ericmci

    Episode 58 — Chris Hardwick, Chief Nerdist

    Hardwick is fond of saying that listeners consume this kind of content for free. The true economics of the situation paint a very different picture. If he can believe in Bitcoin he should be able to finally accept that we pay with our time and purchases from show sponsors. Without listeners/traffic= no advertisers/no dollars. The business side of everything is not a stand a lone private relationship between content creators and advertisers. You trade the traffic that listeners give You for money. Period. Payment just not necessarily with american dollars. I should add- that I do not believe that gives each and every listener total ownership and an editorial voice but this blanket statement that "you consume it for free" is a bit too off the mark.
  16. ericmci

    Episode 177 — Ugly Billionaires

    Natasha Leggero is the shit. Total package.
  17. ericmci

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    I'm curious as to why June thinks that there are fewer therapists in NYC versus LA. Nyc with a population of 8.337 million over LA with barely 3 and half million B/c like 2% of the population is in show business? Did you take the 101 to get to that determination?
  18. ericmci

    Episode 175 — TUTSTEP

    Emily LITERRALY said- Fonzie bear. Ayyyyyyyeee! Fozzie - Fonzie- funny. Emily needs slim fast for the word literally. A truly for breakfast and actually for lunch and a sensible literally for dinner. But she is a great step in for Koo. Howard should be Animal.
  19. ericmci

    Episode 53 — Anaconda

    Sexxx in the Cityy For Dudes!
  20. ericmci

    Episode 136 — Baby Fever!

    Vannessa Ragland is awesome. She's like that girl you accidentally get pregnant in high school but she's such a cool girl you actually make it work and somehow stay together then like 10 years later you're the cool got it together young couple with a kid. Yeah- she's that kind of girl.
  21. ericmci

    Episode 132 — Sign My Box!

    You know I am usually pretty envious of andy for being married to elizabeth. But come on- some girls do love bj's A lot/ And if they are faking it- then some do a very passable impression. Keep at it buddy! Hang in there.