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  1. Whoa -whoa That game was Not a fuck smother.

    A fuck smother would have been a total game domination from early on where the Packers never had a chance

    - like Howard predicted.

    It was in fact a jail break as Howard described.

    A desperate adrenaline fueled attempt that with just the right amount of luck succeeded against the odds.

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  2. You gots to wait for the person in front of you to clear before you reach an item across the counter.

    That person may be taking a bit too long, but the cashier has to allow them to leave first.

    The customer could say oh yeah and I'll take this pack of gum or- What I thought it was on sale- whatever

    Reaching over before it is actually your turn is literally crossing a line.

    Just wrong- not a big deal but it's part of How to Act 101.

  3. Not sure Scott gets the show- which is odd considering its on his network or is he trying to make it comedy bang bang style?

    Either way

    Auckerman seems to be carrying a bit of tension into this show.


    "They should not make exclusive announcements on a 'show like this"


    I'm sure it's all in fun but still a little - weird.

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  4. It might be time for actual definition of racism.


    • the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    • prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.


    The caller today is talking about an issue of appropriation. Now in a continually evolving and accepting and blending society that gets- intersting. I personally think white dreads look horrendous on average but who am I to say. Should I say the 'preppy' black kid is frontin b/c he's wearing penny loafers? I find it often to be the case that that the 'whitest' or let's be even clearer anyone in a socio-economic bracket that allows them some privilege make the most ignorant statements about race and are commonly made by 'well meaning' individuals labeling any issue of culture or anything to do with race in issue as racist.

  5. No need. I turned it off. I've enjoyed all the previous episodes, but this one just didn't grab me so I passed on it.


    I have to say I passed on this one as well.

    I've enjoyed all the episodes so far and recommended the podcast to many friends.

    But just like there is a danger to get too schticky and too cartoony maybe you can get too real in a proday based sketch.

    I think if you met these people in real life you would be crawling out of your skin to get away after 13 mins.

    Didn't see the oasis of funny with this one.

  6. In this case- It's not like white people are going into the secret black enclaves and stealing secret sacred music.

    Swing bands doing 90's hip hop- music that is ultra famous and burned into everyone's brains is not racist.

    But it very well may be dumb.

    A band called Death is a great movie and good example of an all black band doing heavy 'white' rock.

    Who cares as long as it's good and A Band Called Death was-is awesome.

  7. The most famous Blues artists are not white.

    John Lee Hooker- B.B. King

    Jazz- ehh maybe but who's more famous than Miles Davis or John Coltrane.

    I do agree that Dave Brubaker, and Kenny G crap is pretty popular for white folks.

    Usher was first and he's been on the scene for a long time- TImberlake 'took over' bc maybe people were a little tired of a decade of Usher. That being said he still sells a ton of albums and does pretty well for himself in the entertainment industry.

    And now TImberlake has been around for awhile and people are moving on to something else.

    Not racist it's a consumer timeline.