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  1. Start from the start. Levar Burton is awesome.
  2. ViperVisor

    Episode 98 — A Wordy Ménage

    Complaining about R&B while the dirivative utter crap, but sometimes entertaining in the small doses I hear, hip-hop is served up on the charts on a never ending conveyer belt? But then again, I am a dude that loves R&B. Not much today, more 87-97 but I had heard Wale feat. Miguel - Lotus Flower Bomb and liked that.
  3. ViperVisor

    Episode 90.5 — 8/24/12 TWO CHARTED 29

    I take offense to the minimizing of R&B. I have had no correlation to any mid 90s songs and significant events in my life. Just passively on TV or radio occasionally. As an adult I discovered the full scope of r&b of my lifespan. What is there is stuff done very well from a tune perspective and performances by great singers. If songs about love even if it is just skin deep aren't worthy then what is? Here is a top 5 of 90s tunes I really like. 1) Zapp & Roger - Slow And Easy 2) Blackstreet - Let's Stay In Love 3) Keith Sweat - Nobody 4) Jodeci - Love U 4 Life 5) R. Kelly - 12 Play