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  1. Omission: I was really hoping for extended discussion of the fact that one of the creators of the Garbage Pail Kids is Art Spiegelman, creator the famous graphic-novel Holocaust memoir Maus: http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/books/2012/03/art_spiegelman_tells_the_story_of_garbage_pail_kids_.html Properly understood Garbage Pail Kids is clearly an elaborate metaphor for the impossibility of beauty after Auschwitz.
  2. wiscomedy

    Episode 418 - Paul Reiser and The Apple Tree

    I disagree, I think it's canon in the CBBverse that Prince never died.
  3. wiscomedy

    Episode 59 - Dr. Ward

    This has immediately become one of my favorite podcasts. And this is maybe my second-favorite episode, after "Offices and Bosses."
  4. The "get up, you're driving" story had me crying on the street. C+.
  5. This is one of the best episodes ever even if Matty B didn't play in the improv. Great.
  6. wiscomedy

    Episode 67 - Lolita

    I'm a college professor and always show this adaptation of LOLITA when I teach the book. In the terms that are established by the podcast it seems like a clear NO, especially given other obvious Kubrick YESes -- but I wonder if there's a place in the canon for films that are failures for interesting reasons. The 1960s LOLITA seems utterly doomed by the film norms of the time, for all the reasons suggested by the discussion on the show and for more reasons besides; I kept waiting for Amy or Devin to mention that the studio kept trying to wriggle out of what the story is actually about (including, legendarily, pitching an alternate ending where Humbert and Lolita go to one of those states with a low age of consent and get married!). The differences from the book and the way in which they basically uniformly serve to destroy the point of the novel are really interesting from craft and critical perspectives, even if the film itself wouldn't really stand as "canon-worthy" on its own.
  7. wiscomedy

    Episode 127 - Kazaam: LIVE!

    The I Dream of Jeannie jokes reminded me of the dark, gritty 1980s and 1990s sequel movies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Dream_of_Jeannie..._Fifteen_Years_Later https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Still_Dream_of_Jeannie Future HDTGM double-feature?
  8. wiscomedy

    Best of 2015 Pt. 4

    I was fully prepared to be sad again, but F&P4 had me laughing like a maniac (again).
  9. I've been waiting for this one for months. God bless us, every one.
  10. wiscomedy

    EPISODE 387 — Most Multiple Personalities

    Gemberling's character was GOAT-level no-butting.
  11. I don't understand why the guest should stay away if they can hang with the improvers. I don't think it should be mandatory but I certainly hope Andy Daly hopped in on his episode.
  12. I've been waiting for this one ever since the recording was announced in July. Can't wait to listen.
  13. wiscomedy

    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    This was the innabon of podcasts. So funny.
  14. wiscomedy

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    Has any other movie flummoxed the panel like this? They really seemed hopeless trying to figure it out the plot resolution.
  15. Maybe the worst lead-in question, but the best resulting interview? It's a paradox.
  16. Hard to believe this was all canonical, but it all absolutely was.
  17. Sound was great, I would say it was better than the usual CBB or HDTGM live show. I wish Spontaneanation could be live every time; from the monologue on the show is that much better when it's feeding off audience energy. My favorite PFT stream-of-consciousness monologues have been when you can hear the contributors (usually Janet Varney?) laughing off-mic...
  18. wiscomedy


    I also didn't get an option to input a code, which is my only objection to this situation. I will see you all in court.
  19. So is Lauren getting the premises for the episodes beforehand so she can pick out appropriate Help Me Rhonda questions or is she pulling relevent ones out in realtime? Yeah, she'd have time to get a few questions between the first break and the last, especially if the breaks are longer than they seem.
  20. What was going on with this one? It seemed like Lauren kept wanting to reset or something. Did they not think the original premise --or the second premise -- was working? Was that the bit?
  21. wiscomedy

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    Everybody wish for Jason to join Twitter and participate actively for a month. Okay but he's doing it while wearing a T-shirt with my face on it.
  22. wiscomedy

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    Not to be a negative nong-man, but I wish they wouldn't list PFT as an episode guest if its just gonna be a Jarles drop-in. Shamenongman on you.
  23. wiscomedy

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    Scott's new bit of guessing exactly how his guest has been typecast in whatever they plug is also super good.
  24. wiscomedy

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    The thermometer story changed my life forever, in the worst possible way.