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    Episode 43.5 — Minisode 43.5

    Interesting choice with a lot of fun tidbits to mess around with. After all, this was the movie that prevented Michael Caine from picking up his Oscar for Hannah and Her Sisters. He couldn't make it to the ceremony because he was busy filming this turkey and driving his money truck to the money truck repository. Also, this was the last movie made by Lorraine Gary, who just so happened to be Mrs. Sidney Sheinberg, the long time head of Universal and Steven Spielberg's mentor, when she was cast in the original Jaws. Ironically: being Mrs. Sidney Sheinberg also requires regularly driving a money truck to the money truck repository. Also wanted to mention that I am a new listener who just found this podcast last week, and I am hooked like a killer shark already. Hands down one of the funniest podcasts I've ever listened to.