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  1. knowlerdraws

    Episode 240 — #TheWorldsEnd

    Nick Frost looking a lot like @theneedledrops (Anthony Fantano) in that headshot.
  2. I only pointed that out as I doubt anyone who wasn't those three things combined could have such an idyllic view of the UK. Also stop saying "the UK wins at" because it promotes complacency. I don't agree with you either regarding homophobia. New York State and others have granted gay marriage months ago.
  3. Woah hold on there. Have you lived in the USA? As a brit that has lived in the states I cannot agree to this. I'm a Londoner originally, and I've lived in rural england too, and in the states - they are equally racist. Additionally the UK is a *far* more mono-racial society than the states - which usually means there's more ignorance about other types of people. Sorry but I can't tolerate the "UK is less" argument as it's so patently untrue. Don't forget the EDL and the recent UKIP successes. *edit - let me guess, you're an English White Male?
  4. knowlerdraws

    Episode 124 — Duke of Leon

    On the "EDM guys" tip - Some producers (like and araabmuzik) have spurts of pretty solid dancing *and* play their beats live using ableton, synths and the like.... and then there are other who just hope they look busy, it's true. Some are pretty good at it, and hey - it's a performance too!
  5. knowlerdraws

    Episode 93 — Youth

    Vicar, Please. Aaron, Please.
  6. knowlerdraws

    Episode 103 — Body Texting

    As a hoighty-toighty animator, I must defend animated-non-humanoid-but-humanoid movies. If anything, animation accentuates humanity, in order to make up for (what is ultimately) an interpretation of life. Like any art. Just like podcasts provide no visuals, mic-technique accentuates diction. But I digress. GOOD WORK GUYS, ENJOY THE PODCAST.
  7. knowlerdraws

    Episode 42 — Quadruple Mix-in

    Hello. I signed up simply to comment how much I am enjoying this.