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    Episode 004 — The Travel Bug with August Lindt

    "Its a little difficult to hear suggestions on how to kill myself from my children, I have to admit. It's difficult - I don't hate it, but it's difficult." Oh my god.
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    Death Wish 3 (1985)

    It's the typical 80's action setup: inner city crime, incompetent police force and a vigilante. But this time... holy shit I have no words for it. Or actually I do, and it's the following garbled mess of an argument for you guys to review this movie. I haven't seen any other Death Wish movies and I probably never will, because it's impossible to beat this instalment in the series. Everything here is just batshit insane. So many unintentionally funny scenes, so much racism, so little logic, so many unexplainable choices, so many poorly acted scenes ("They killed the giggler man.... THEY KILLED THE GIGGLER") the worst on screen romance ever, Charles Bronson looks like he doesn't give a flying fuck throughout the entire movie, Jimmy Paiges synth heavy soundtrack drowning out every scene and a completely reprehensible moral ("Oh my lor- It's the creep...that stole mah pocketbook three weeks ago! He's DEAD! Heyyy! Praise to God he's gone! ((unintelligible)) He's DEAD! Right on! Right on! Right on!"). Crank 1 & 2 are amazing ridiculous movies, where the filmmakers intentionally went over the top. So in a way, it's not really a bad film. Death Wish 3 is an unintentionally ridiculous movie, and movies like that can sometimes just be plain shitty and boring. Not this one. This is such a bad movie it transcends its badness and becomes hilariously enjoyable. This post is a garbled mess because I find it hard to contain my excitement over this movie, but just check out some of the reviews and look at some clips on youtube. There is sooo much to talk about here and I would love to hear your perspective on it! Also, keep up the awesome work!