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    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    I missed you, The Canon! Also I don't know if it was done just to show us that this is still the same Canon we know and love, but I loved the disagreement. I think Ghostbusters is unique in concept, and gives us peak Murray, Raimis and Morranis. Totally Canon!
  2. Go like what, Chubby Checker?! Music isn't a visual medium, we can't see what you're doing! God, what an a asshole.
  3. kidkinetik

    Episode 66 — Demolition Man: LIVE!

    I just wanted to say that HDTGM is killing it with the guests! PFT? Kristen Schaal? Wyatt Cenac? Hats off folks.
  4. kidkinetik

    Episode 12 — Self-Awareness

    You know, it's interesting you mention working from home, Lukas. I'm starting back into school in January (I know, starting classes a month before my kid arrives isn't the best timing in the world), but I'll be working part time in order to reduce the amount of time she's in day care. I thought that as an infant it might be more possible to be productive then say a 4 or 5 year old. Is this true, or am I setting myself up for a headache? Any tips or tricks to make it easier?
  5. kidkinetik

    Gratitude Lists!

    10/25 1)The fact that I get to work part time when my daughter arrives 2) I get to host a pub quiz every week 3) My wife seems to be handling pregnancy very well thus far (knock on wood). 4) My big comfy hoodie in cold weather. 5) My big dumb ole dog.
  6. kidkinetik

    Episode 10 — Sports

    That's some heavy stuff, Lukas. But it brings to light a different light of parenting than I personally think much about; the role of protector. I spend so much of my time thinking about loving and snuggling my little girl, but I also need to consider the fact that we raise our kids in a scary world. Definitely a topic I'd like to hear discussed.
  7. kidkinetik

    Episode 12 — Self-Awareness

    Hey, yeah! Can we start a "Clean Joke" thread? Cheesy jokes are some of my favorite jokes!
  8. kidkinetik

    Episode 12 — Self-Awareness

    My favorite comment from this week came from Joel "Very few people complain that their parents were dirt poor, most just complain that they weren't around." That's something I think we all need to remember. There was also a bit of talk about gender roles, and how men and women express themselves differently, and I definitely think time dedication falls in under that. For instance, I'll do something and be very proud and say "Look at all the time I spent on this thing for you!" And that's how I show my love for my family. Sometimes, though, my wife would rather spend an afternoon with me then have a new walk way put in the back yard.
  9. kidkinetik

    Episode 11 — Balancing Time

    Thanks so much for this podcast, Jeff. I'm an expectant dad (February 13th!) and you guys have helped ease my mind quite a bit! It's so great to hear that you guys seem to deal with all of the issues I'm concerned with. As a performer/corporate drone/student, your talks on time management are immensely helpful. One of the things you touched on this episode that rings true with me was when you talked about fitness. I've struggled with my weight for many years and I always said "I'll be sure to take care of this before I have kids." Well here I am less then 3 months until that grand theoretical becomes reality, and I'm still eating Taco Bell for lunch every day. I'd love to hear you guys talk a bit more about health and how you manage, or would like to manage that aspect of fatherhood. Like Jeff said, if we're not around all this is for nothing. So thanks again for doing this podcast. It is something I look forward to every week and have even turned my wife onto. "Why aren't mom podcasts this fun?" she asked me last week while we were listening to you last week. Keep up the good work friends.
  10. kidkinetik

    Episode 4 — Attention

    Future dad here! Not, like, a dad from the future, but a dad with a kid on the way. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I look forward to this podcast every week. It's really helpful to hear you guys talk about it so calmly and rationally. It's incredibly reassuring. So thanks, Dads!