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    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    https://hspvafriends.wufoo.com/forms/the-harris-wittels-fund/ via micheal shur
  2. thebigragu

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Holy shit you hit the nail on the head. One thing I definetly regret is that I have never seen/heard any of Harris' standup. I think a great gift to his memory would be if someone out there has any audio of Harris' standup. It would really be an epic thing for it to be released somehow. It would be a great way to raise some money for Harris' family, some sort of addiction charity etc. In some twisted horrible way maybe some thread of good can come from this senseless tragedy, and at the worst maybe he'll make us laught one last time....#MFWL
  3. thebigragu

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Thank you Mr. Aukerman for releasing this episode, I really needed it and I can't be the only one. I personally went from laughting at a few tweets late Thursday night thinking it was some sort of play on the RIP Terrorist Wittels joke hashtag from an Analyze Phish, and when i scrolled back in my timeline in a half groggy state my laughter turned to pure horror. I felt like I truly knew Harris just by listening to his endless brilliance on any medium he touched, and for him to to be gone makes the world a less funny place. Without podcasting I don't think that Harris' unique and always hilarious life perspective would have infected as many people as it did with the genius that were his jokes. Even his half baked ones are funnier than other people full formed ones. Not being religious, I do feel feel like every laugh he gave us was something close to a blessing, and I think everyone should tell a friend about the late great Mr. Wittels. Maybe that will prompt people to go down the rabbit hole of Harris's podcasts (most likely horribly soundtracked to Phish IMO) but if they don't it is truly their loss. I don't know if Mr. Wittels passing was intentional as it would only make this unbearable tragedy all the worse, but there needs to be more converastion in general about mental illness, addiction and its effect on some of the most talented people alive. Harris is dead and cocksuckers like Bill Cosby and Terrence Howard walk the planet. In times like this Earwolf thank you, as releasing podcasts like this is what i think Harris would have wanted. R.I.P. Harris. He was right, motherfuckers do just want to laugh.
  4. thebigragu

    Episode 10 — Gelmania X

    best gelmania ever, despite bretts pleas don't let him stop doing this podcast...where can you get an "i am bane" mp3?