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  1. Amvk

    Episode 124 — Big Questions

    Oh man, I know Kurt Metzger was just kidding and all, but I have to know a comedian a little bit before race-based sarcasm is hilarious to me. I think he's probably a decent and funny guy, but so much fake hate right out of the gate didn't do much for me. I had to shut the whole thing off.
  2. Amvk

    Episode 123 — Dreams

    Your loss, mister.
  3. Amvk

    Episode 116 — Ecology

    My one question: Why would football players have baseball bats?
  4. Amvk

    Episode 115 — Live from Atlanta/The South

    I loved Aimee! Great guest.
  5. Amvk

    Episode 113 — Transgender

    Another great guest!!
  6. Amvk

    Episode 112 — Yoga

    I feel like David's gf's name was accidentally left in and it makes me feel guilty! Favorites: "Cool brew!" and "Don't steal my wallet." Also: I really liked Rocky! I felt like he fit right in and added a lot of good energy. I hope he becomes a regular.
  7. Amvk

    Episode 108 — Infinity

    This episode was great. Though, I felt pretty bad for poor Abe for the first few minutes of his time.
  8. Amvk

    Episode 106 — Military

    No matter your stance on war or the military in general, Andrew was a really great guest. Super quick-witted, smart, and fun to listen to.
  9. Amvk

    Episode 102 — Nerds

    OMG please do a Horsie episode.
  10. Amvk

    Episode 102 — Nerds

    Oh, this is great! These podcasters are kindred spirits. When I first heard of Professor Blastoff way back when, I was immediately reminded of Dork Forest; yay!
  11. Amvk

    Episode 99 — Pregnancy

    Whoa, did Tig HIGH FIVE?? Also, I think David is very handsome! (For what it's worth.)
  12. Amvk

    Episode 98 — Writing

    The half-birthday correction. Oh man. Sometimes I think Aaron is my platonic soulmate.
  13. Amvk

    Episode 97 — Viruses

    I LOVED this guest. More Eric, please!!
  14. Amvk

    Episode 96 — Character

    I love Aaron every episode. But I SUPER loved him this episode.
  15. Tig and Sascha are pretty cute. It's so great when exes stay friendly.