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  1. Amvk

    Episode 124 — Big Questions

    Oh man, I know Kurt Metzger was just kidding and all, but I have to know a comedian a little bit before race-based sarcasm is hilarious to me. I think he's probably a decent and funny guy, but so much fake hate right out of the gate didn't do much for me. I had to shut the whole thing off.
  2. Amvk

    Episode 123 — Dreams

    Your loss, mister.
  3. Amvk

    Episode 116 — Ecology

    My one question: Why would football players have baseball bats?
  4. Amvk

    Episode 115 — Live from Atlanta/The South

    I loved Aimee! Great guest.
  5. Amvk

    Episode 113 — Transgender

    Another great guest!!
  6. Amvk

    Episode 112 — Yoga

    I feel like David's gf's name was accidentally left in and it makes me feel guilty! Favorites: "Cool brew!" and "Don't steal my wallet." Also: I really liked Rocky! I felt like he fit right in and added a lot of good energy. I hope he becomes a regular.
  7. Amvk

    Episode 108 — Infinity

    This episode was great. Though, I felt pretty bad for poor Abe for the first few minutes of his time.
  8. Amvk

    Episode 106 — Military

    No matter your stance on war or the military in general, Andrew was a really great guest. Super quick-witted, smart, and fun to listen to.
  9. Amvk

    Episode 102 — Nerds

    OMG please do a Horsie episode.
  10. Amvk

    Episode 102 — Nerds

    Oh, this is great! These podcasters are kindred spirits. When I first heard of Professor Blastoff way back when, I was immediately reminded of Dork Forest; yay!
  11. Amvk

    Episode 99 — Pregnancy

    Whoa, did Tig HIGH FIVE?? Also, I think David is very handsome! (For what it's worth.)
  12. Amvk

    Episode 98 — Writing

    The half-birthday correction. Oh man. Sometimes I think Aaron is my platonic soulmate.
  13. Amvk

    Episode 97 — Viruses

    I LOVED this guest. More Eric, please!!
  14. Amvk

    Episode 96 — Character

    I love Aaron every episode. But I SUPER loved him this episode.
  15. Tig and Sascha are pretty cute. It's so great when exes stay friendly.
  16. Kyle singing "Everybody Knows"!
  17. Pin the beachpoop on the trashcan.
  18. Amvk

    Episode 86 — Conspiracies

    Favorite part goes to Kyle with his soft-spoken "Literally" during the second "dogs in space" mention.
  19. Amvk

    Episode 86 — Conspiracies

    I really liked what Janeane added to the podcast. I think she brought some great thoughts and points. Also, I think she and Tig have a really nice chemistry. I'd love to see her back...or better yet, as a cohost.
  20. Amvk

    Episode 76 — American History

    Aaron is silly. I know his birthday without even wanting to! He mentions it on his CD.
  21. Amvk

    Episode 76 — American History

    Nothing cheers me up like Tig's laugh!! "Ow! Ow!"
  22. Amvk

    Episode 75 — Global Warming

    Something must have been in the...atmosphere tonight (sorry). This evening's Frontline: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/climate-of-doubt/
  23. Amvk

    Episode 75 — Global Warming

    Steven, thank you for taking the perfect opportunity to quote "MacArthur Park"! It's what immediately came to my mind, too. (Also: "It is un-fabulous to get warmer.")
  24. Amvk

    Episode 74 — Star Trek

    I love his "first day of school"-style photo on the show page.
  25. Amvk

    Episode 73 — Memory

    "Kyle, are you feeding a horse?" I love David. It DID sound like a horse chowin' down in a feed bucket.