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    Episode 169.5 - Minisode 169.5

    I would like to hear an episode on The Pirate Movie. Paul also said Valerian would be a future HDTGM movie. I wonder how far off those would be if they really make them?
  2. BPatrickT

    Does Nerd Poker change from early to later podcasts?

    They drop the 4th edition rules and go back to the 2nd, which they are more familiar with. I'm pretty sure it is not too far past where you are at, but I can't recall for sure. The storyline with Sark running the game wraps up on the 73rd episode, and Blaine takes over as DM on the 74th ep. I'm really far behind now, so I can't say how the show is going with the guests yet.
  3. BPatrickT

    Episode 64 — LED Hula Hoops

    For the record, magic missile would have been safe to use. It is magical force, not fire. It auto hits the target, and it does not damage inanimate objects, so Blackie's idea of using it to see off the bombs before should not have worked even if he had the shot. Of course, a rat creature falling to its death still could have sparked off a rock with metal objects it is wearing or carrying, since they didn't seem to be too careful around the explosives.
  4. BPatrickT

    Episode 59 — The Tunnel to Glinishmore

    Quick rule correction - magic missile doesn't require a attack roll. It automatically hits the target, which is why it is valuable for low levels.
  5. BPatrickT

    Bizarre HALLOWEEN III / Woody Allen connection

    Mariel Hemingway was in Manhattan, not her older sister Margaux.
  6. BPatrickT

    Episode 30 — Deeding The Zyrax

    Blackie should be able to identify magical items by studying them during downtime.
  7. BPatrickT

    Episode 29 — Mystery of the Skeletal Chest Crawler

    Nod is clearly in the minority. Keep the fun scifi settings, lose the dull 4.0 rules. I would still recommend switching to 3.5 or Pathfinder (open gaming update of 3.5). The core Pathfinder books are available to access for free off of the publisher's website: http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/
  8. BPatrickT

    Episode 44 — Jaws 4: The Revenge

    The ending in the theaters was the shark being stab by the prow, gushing blood and sinking along with part of the ship. I'm not sure whether they added the explosion ending for cable or the dvd release. I was forced to see this in theaters, because I was outvoted by the group I was with. ;(