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    Episode 21 — Holiday Traditions

    I have enjoyed listening to the podcasts. I am a father of four and have challenges as every father does. If you want a well known father that would bring a lot of listeners you should try to get ShayCarl (http://shaycarl.com/), the YouTube star, on the show. He has a loyal following and has a lot of insights and experiences as a father of four. He has a podcast as well that he does with his wife.
  2. dking27

    Episode 5 — Observing

    I am a father of four and I love this podcast. On the topic of exercise and eating healthy I agree that if you start exercising you start having better habits in other areas. I have found that if I eat a lot of junk food I feel terrible when I run, so I cut a lot of junk out of my diet. I have felt so much better. I try not to be super strict with myself, but I try to keep desserts like cookies, cake, candy, etc... out of my daily diet as much as possible. Now I need to start developing better sleep habits so I am not so tired at 5am when I go running.