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  1. The St. Louis ("Sticks!") accent had me dying, funniest thing they've done, maybe ever. Huge fan of the show and appreciate how they do show even if they're on the road which show how much they care about the fans. Keep it up Sklars. p.s. Wish I could donate but am over-educated, under-employed and currently couchsurfing (think brad pitt in 'True Romance')

  2. 28:50 "...there's a Hollywood...Jewish, gay, and chick connection...", Adam Carrolla has shown to be homophobic, sexist and ignorant- but this gem in a SINGLE sentence? He's your typical hack comedian who saturates his lack of content, cleverness and insight with sensationalist forays whose sole purpose is to make a splash, b/c without shock value, he's got nothing. First Jason Biggs, then Adam Carrolla, now what cultured intellectual is next...Dennis Miller?

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