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    Episode 309 - It's Okay, We're Vine

    The Minuteman question that didn't get answered: A song on Double Nickels on the Dime called "Take 5, D." is partially credited to Dirk Vandenberg. The song is some guitar noodling with a spoken word performance of a note left by a landlord telling the tenant not to use the shower because it needs to be caulked properly as water is leaking down into the apartments below and soaking the walls and ceiling. Apparently, the note was left for Dirk and he shared it with Watt who was moved to "perform" it on the song. Since I'm feeling extra pedantic today, the "Jackass Theme" is a song titled "Corona" off that same album. Also, Halloween was directed (and scored BTW) by John Carpenter
  2. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 43 - The Shawshank Redemption with Clancy Brown

    I'm glad Bad Boys came up. That was a harrowing view for me, and Clancy Brown's character was EVIL! I think the Sean Penn Bad Boys disappeared when that steaming pile of Michael Bay crap appeared.
  3. For the uninitiated, Robyn Hitchcock has a pretty deep discography that can be found wherever one normally goes for such stuff, but I would draw your attention to Storefront Hitchcock, a live performance captured on film by Jonathan Demme (and also available in audio form.) I mention that specifically not because it is necessarily his best work, but because it's kind of a good introduction to his solo performance style, including his very unique stage banter. His song introductions unspool in a stream of consciousness that is witty, insane and unmistakably spontaneous. Also, I think you can find more than a few youtube clips of him with Eugene Mirman, who plays along nicely with Robyn's charming, extemporaneous madness. In my heart of hearts, I can't help but think that PFT tried to urge Robyn to hang around and participate in the improv, even just at a Jon Hamm level.
  4. That was everything I expected and more from a Robyn Hitchcock interview! BTW, this is the second podcast today that mentioned the Murder Kroger of Atlanta. (Jordan Jesse Go on a competing podcast network being the other.)
  5. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 291 - Virtually Reality

    Sadly, I knew exactly which commercial was referenced re: "Jean Luc!" I'm pretty sure that particular commercial didn't actually include an actual waiter named Jean Luc, just some chatty ladies discussing a past trip to Paris while sipping General Foods International Coffee. Further confusion was created by conflating this with a different series of soap opera-like coffee commercials with "that guy from Buffy". I'm available to fact check at reasonable rates.
  6. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 84 - Kevin Pollak

    So long and thanks for all the wolf pods, Leonard!
  7. How long before we hear the Robyn Hitchcock episode?
  8. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 305 - Screw as Much as I'm Screwed

    That oft repeated Sklar quip constructed as "He's the So-and-so of such-and-such" often throws me because I think it's supposed to be some sort of analogy but it most often ends up being just a reference to somebody with a name that sounds similar to the person under discussion. They crack themselves up with it and it just leaves me scratching my head. Sorry, I didn't have anything nice to say. Guess I'm just trying to find the funny.
  9. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 37 - They Live with Peter Jason

    I loved this episode. I pretty much love every episode, but I really loved this episode. Peter's joy was overflowing. I'll turn it back over to the crickets now.
  10. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 286 - Mic Chew, One Tech

    High, High Dollar, High Dollar Handbag!
  11. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 1810 - Jere Burns

    Jere Burns? JERE BURNS!
  12. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    Perhaps my favorite line from the podcast was from Pete Holmes: "I thought we were going to discuss this in order." Pete, please.
  13. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    I think Valerie Perrine is pronounced with a long i sound. Perrine like wine, not Perrine like bean. I suppose nobody has heard her name spoken out loud in decades.
  14. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    I don't care much for Cameron's comedy.
  15. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 1804 - Kulap Vilaysack

    I love the picture. Such a soulful hug. That is all.
  16. Tuan Bisikirski


    I thought they were saying Bryan, not Bryant. Thanks. That's the treatment Florida gets in the County. You hear machete, and the association is presumed.
  17. Tuan Bisikirski


    I think the machete thing in Florida, or at least in that particular part of Florida, has roots in sugarcane farming. (I think it was Bryant. That's in the Lake Okeechobee area. Big Sugar country!) The harvesting is pretty much all mechanized now, so carrying around machetes isn't really called for, but it's hard to break with tradition. (You probably don't see many machetes on Marco Island. That's Big Golf Cart country!)
  18. Tuan Bisikirski

    EPISODE 265 — Christmas Debunked

    I promise that I am not going to bitch about the new format, but I will say that I enjoyed this episode more than some of the recent ones. There.
  19. Tuan Bisikirski

    EPISODE 261 — Genesis Jones

    I know, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and H. Michael Kre has made no bones about his rank dismissal of jazz, but, seriously, the music from the Peanuts television specials?? It's hard to be objective about the things that we love.
  20. Tuan Bisikirski

    EPISODE 80 — Jon Gabrus Again, Our Close Friend

    Where does I order an copy of Hollywood's Handbook? Do it have for the Kindle HPV? Pranks aren't funny. Moms died from prank by China (maybe tank). Where do Gabrus buy shorts? Have they come in size 28 waste? Don't know flow of forumer, don't crae much for peoples. Please excuse, but also happy to have
  21. Tuan Bisikirski

    EPISODE 2 - A Mechanic's Garage

    I like PFT's way of gently, comedically, improvisationally steering the scenes when somebody else might have not picked up on where they were heading, e.g. "I don't know how much longer you're going to be helping her, but I've got to sell my car pretty quickly so that I can pay for my baby's delivery."
  22. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 213 — Great Ghost Debate

    You can walk to the ocean. There's no animals in space. I'd rather have a live chicken than a ghost. -K summarizes K
  23. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 194 — Empty Budweiser Bottle

    I wish Kumail wouldn't sell himself short. He's as cute as that One D guy.
  24. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 192 — Schbooty Shorts

    I wonder if Howard was thinking of juju music, in reference to his blue-nailed Uber driver's music choice.
  25. Tuan Bisikirski

    Episode 303 — Puttering Around

    "Could you see it 'through the early morning fog'?" Paul F., you slay me!