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  1. I'm replying again to move this movie back to the top of the list. I absolutely need this movie to be watched by the HDTGM crew. And the people want it, too. This topic is "HOT" and has over 2,000 views.


    The stop motion is great, and it was done by David Allen who has worked on Flash Gordon, The Howling, Caveman(!), *batteries not included (which you should probably also watch), Willow, Ghoulies II, Ghostbusters II, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and pretty much any movie with the words "Puppet Master" in the title.


    It's got Gary Graham, who is one of the ultimate "That Guy" actors and Michael Alldredge, who is another good "that guy". The screenplay was written by award winning author Joe Haldeman, who most famous for "The Forever War". It's directed by Stuart Gordon whose resume doesn't have a credit on it that wouldn't make a great episode of How Did This Get Made? There are five uploads of the full movie on YouTube all with different run times.


    Please watch this film for an episode. Or even just for a Friday night and then call me and we'll talk about it. That would be enough.


    it's out on blue ray in about 3 weeks. I'll send you a copy if need be. I've got that kind of cash.

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  2. This movie was great. I saw it for the first time in Jr High and I loved it. Obviously, my brain wasn't fully formed at that age, but when it came out on DVD I bought it and I still enjoyed it. The robot models are great, although they get a little hokey when they fly into space at one point. But the on the ground fight scenes are legitimately awesome. The DVD does allow you to notice that Athena uses a male stunt double for when she's fighting outside the robot, which is amusing.

    The dystopian future brought to life in late 80's style is great, as pointed out by other posts and gifs.

    And best of all, it's coming out on Blu-Ray soon.


  3. I think it is brave of Jon to bring up how messed up Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks in Looper. When I first started seeing trailers for it I kept thinking who is this guy the got that kind of looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt? I never once thought, who is this guy who looks like a young Bruce Willis?

    Also, like Jon, I will be going to see this movie regardless. But come on, people. You're asking me to buy into the concept of time travel as a mob body disposal method, but you don't think I'll be able to suspend my disbelief that JGL could ever grow into Bruce Willis?