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  1. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 130.5 β€” 5/31/13 TWO CHARTED 69

    from the start of this ep i knew it would be magic haha
  2. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 130 β€” Naked Oil Boy Fights

    foamy is awesome shut you're mouth
  3. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 221 β€” The Cake Council

    I think choctaw has been on fire recently..I was just listening to Andy on Ronna and Beverly so this is like double nice and cake boss is always magic Great ep!
  4. i agree with you his on stage persona is a lil more intense than it used to be but i fully enjoy it haha
  5. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 54 β€” Bubble Giggles

    ohh this was fucking great! kulap is always a great guest and R&B are on fire!
  6. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 129.5 β€” 5/24/13 TWO CHARTED 68

    hello penis kitty
  7. holy fucking shit this was super hysterical my ribs hurt from laughing.. thanks alot!
  8. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 82 β€” Apocalypse Crushes

    I wish I knew how to correctly spell/type the sound I made when I heard this haha..it was like an overjoyed guttural squeal haha thank you Besser and earwolf shits off the hook!..do people still say that?..i do i guess..when amy said the children on mars part i think i died
  9. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 26 β€” A Whole New (Gassy) World

    my loyal star goyle
  10. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 220 β€” 4 PayDays & A Baby

    ohh shit did we do something good? did we please the choctaw to get this? im soo happy.. this episode is pure insanity i love it! womp it up mo fucka
  11. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 128.5 β€” 5/17/13 TWO CHARTED 67

    one for the ku one for the wie
  12. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 104 β€” Live from Chicago/ Music Vol. 2

    whole milk! more cookie stories! wow this episode was grand!
  13. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 81 β€” Finger Fuckers

    Great episode!! i love every aspect of this podcast i think if you were to (damn me for even theorizing it) stop doing case closed or any part of this podcast it would totally take away a great amount of quality material and i dont want that haha i doubt that would happen anyway.. keep up the amazing work matt!
  14. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 62 β€” Joyful Noise

    what the fuck hahah this movie..great ep as always guys, thanks!
  15. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 219 β€” Farts and Procreation 3

    soo fucking funny
  16. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 219 β€” Farts and Procreation 3

    this made my earballs soo fucking happy im soo glad this exists! spectacular! when adam said docta jones i fucking lost it..i mean everything else made me go into laughing fits but that made me really happy haha
  17. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 53 β€” Gym Rash

    this was amazing live i love this podcast
  18. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 127 β€” LIVE from Bridgetown 2013

    i guess im one of the few people who fully enjoys the live episodes.. its different yes but i dont feel less energy.. have you heard the comedy bang bang ep when they were at i believe the vancouver comedy fest with tod barry and nick thune with PFT as Ice tea? there were like 7 people there and i loved that ep with all my heart haha idk i just dont see what other people are saying..great ep
  19. holy fucking shit this episode was superb i laughed until i cried thank you for this!!! case closed is my favorite the media is saying...
  20. therealMATTLOXLEY

    Episode 103 β€” Photography

    THIS EPISODE! NEIL DIAMOND!? what a treat steve is always such a great guest i suggest following him on tumblr and twitter if you dont already..everyone was really great..great ep!