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    Episode 69 - The Christs

    Apocalypto vs. Braveheart would be an interesting Mel Versus.
  2. chaplinatemyshoe

    Episode 69 - The Christs

    On the other hand, the impact of Passion on the box office is still felt today in that it sort of opened the door for what I'd label "church group" movies. Plus, the role that movie played in arguably one of the 2-3 biggest movie stars of his era will always make it relevant to certain discussions.
  3. chaplinatemyshoe

    Episode 69 - The Christs

    They're both movies I consider to be bad. However, Passion stands out historically a lot more than Last Temptation does. So I cast a reluctant vote for that weirdo Mel Gibson and suggest people read Kazantzakis's novel instead of watching either movie. I also want to briefly address Evan and Amy expressing exacerbation that Gibson said his movie is about forgiveness...it's important to understand that he's not necessarily talking about what's explicitly on the screen. That statement has to do with the viewer's relationship to the movie. I grew up in the southern evangelical community, and it was not unusual for speakers to address the crucifixion of Christ in graphic terms as a sort of embodiment of the punishment for our sins. I think we're meant to relate to Christ's suffering as what we had coming. So from that perspective, I get what he's going for.
  4. chaplinatemyshoe

    Suggestion: Rocky IV

    Double post.
  5. chaplinatemyshoe

    Suggestion: Rocky IV

    IV's a bad movie though. It might be fun, but most of its fun derives from it being really bad. Plus, there's a huge pivotal sequence that almost entirely involves recycled footage. It's lazy and cheap.
  6. chaplinatemyshoe

    Suggestion: Rocky IV

    Rocky III achieved everything Rocky IV did without being a bad movie.
  7. chaplinatemyshoe

    Episode 68 - Antichrist (w/ Michael Lerman)

    Having interacting and watched others interact with Devin online, he's equal opportunity condescender. Amy is sort of his perfect foil because she's got super interesting, well researched opinions that are often borderline crazy, some of which seem centered on the positive or negative portrayal of people with blonde hair in cinema. It's fun to listen to her wind him up without even trying that hard.
  8. chaplinatemyshoe

    Episode 68 - Antichrist (w/ Michael Lerman)

    An easy yes for me. Great discussion going on in this episode. I've always thought the movie is as much about the fraudulence of male messianic complexes towards women as it is about the evil nature of women. But there's definitely more layers to it than just those two interpretations. Kinda wish this was an Antichrist vs. The War of the Roses episode though.
  9. chaplinatemyshoe

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    Bumping for the butt weasels.
  10. chaplinatemyshoe

    Episode 182.5 — 5/30/14 TWO CHARTED 121

    Tell us how you really feel though...
  11. I might look like Erik Per Sullivan, But at least I don't look like John Merrick per The Elephant Man...John Hurt.