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  1. Ahh, thank you. If only I hadn't been so eager to spurt my nerd juice everywhere I could have avoided this rookie move. Thanks again.
  2. The day you can't share a bottle with a whiskey bent, std infested arsonist who lives off canned cheese and light bread, buddy, it is time to go ahead and give up on the good old red, white, and blue. Not sure if they talked about this in the podcast, as I am watching this right now on AMC, but was that Jamie Lee Curtis' voice as the operator that Tom Atkins talks to? The phone call he makes right before his piece of road ass gets kidnapped from the hotel room?
  3. Virgil Hale

    Episode 72.5 — Minisode 72.5

    Instead of watching that Braves game, you probably should have paid someone to bash you in the dick, let that simmer, and then watched Congo twice. Bummer of a game.
  4. Virgil Hale

    Bad Halloween Movies!

    "Cutting Class." Brad Pitt's finest performance to date.
  5. Virgil Hale

    Episode 45.5 — Minisode 45.5

    Another great October/horror movie for this podcast would be "Cutting Class." One of the best bad movies I have ever seen. Probably Brad Pitt's best role ever.