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    Episode 203 β€” Who Charted at LA PODFEST!!!

    Matt was an awesome guest, he fit in perfectly. I hope he shows up again!
  2. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 202.5 β€” 10/17/14 TWO CHARTED 141

    Hey! So I asked on twitter and was sent the file. I'm sure you could do the same, or if you like I put it up here so folks could stream/download it https://soundcloud.c...rgeniusphd/rose The song was written by Adam Canuck Zimmerman and performed by his band Here for Scarlett (https://www.facebook...HereForScarlett). I reckon you could ask them on Facebook for more info!
  3. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 315 β€” Sandwich Therapy

    Ah shit, the Zazzu guy was him? I have been trying to remember for a little while now and you have saved my life. Edit: #182, Repeat Your Keyword
  4. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 202.5 β€” 10/17/14 TWO CHARTED 141

    I am a bit bewildered to hear that there is still some tension 'twixt Howie and PFT. Made to feel sad as well I should say. It feels like so long ago they had the episode where they discussed the whole Phish show and Coward Kremer and all that.
  5. DoctorGeniusPHD

    What guest do you want to see?

    Although it was mentioned in kind of a funny haha jokey way on the recent ep(isode) I think it would be really really cool for Steve Martin to stop by.
  6. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 315 β€” Sandwich Therapy

    Do you guys ever stop to realize that every time something is recalled on this show it turns the first time it was done into a major SPOILER?? I just can't stand THAT
  7. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Oh Lord, the Plug Bag by iwearwarpaint

    das a good sawng
  8. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 316 β€” In the Larp Run

    A small selection of folks seem to be ragging on the more serious tone of the first segment but I didn't get the impression that Scott was trying to take it in a different direction or anything. Dane wasn't being self-centered in my view, he was just going along with the questions Scott asked him and there's nothing wrong with that. He was trying to get into it a little with Rick but seemed to be unfamiliar with the character or the bit and he's not the first person to fall into that. If I had one gripe about the show it was not enough Reggie. Regarding CBBTV, they originally aired on Friday nights. I also seem to remember Scott making a comment that their viewership wasn't all that great in their original slot (maybe part of why they were moved to Thursdays?) so I guess we'll see how it goes with them moving back.
  9. I dunno how this Thursday early morning can get any better. I am about to cry about this.
  10. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 316 β€” In the Larp Run

    Hahah, okay, Hollywood Facts as the @CBBWYR theme really made me laugh. Sad that it wasn't meant to be.
  11. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 316 β€” In the Larp Run

    Our good friend Reggie Watts? I smell a C+ already.
  12. Look friend I can understand the viewpoint you're coming from but I feel like you are disregarding a crucial point of what other people are saying about the topic in general. It doesn't seem like the 'discussion' is going to go anywhere except into further negativity so perhaps the best course is to just walk away from this. But of course this is the internet, I guess I should just expect you to have another response to this post about how no one understands you
  13. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 200.5 β€” 10/03/14 TWO CHARTED 139

    Tour Charted, if you will. I'm into it.
  14. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 199 β€” Freedom and Abandon

    I enjoyed the episode and didn't have a problem with Nova, except possibly that it's a little odd to have two guests in the studio. What I really couldn't wrap my head around was why someone would give this person $100,000. Not surprised to hear that it was all blown in relatively short order, and not to be harsh but I don't expect to really hear much from her down the line.
  15. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 312 β€” Grounded Me@

    If only there were some alternative way you could listen to the show!
  16. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 198.5 β€” 9/19/14 TWO CHARTED 137

    I was actually just thinking earlier that I do like the Wie and Stard shows, so this was a fun. No worries bros.
  17. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 196.5 β€” 9/05/14 TWO CHARTED 135

    I went back and took another listen, and I can safely say that actually I don't really have a clue what he's going on about
  18. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 113 β€” Skanking Hayride

    At least take some plain breaks
  19. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 196.5 β€” 9/05/14 TWO CHARTED 135

    Now I can't speak for the man himself but what I took away from it was that he doesn't like that they put pressure on him to make appointments or get stuff taken care of while he's still there for something mundane, so his way of rebelling against it is to make the appointments but then sometimes not show up. I was cracking up when he was talking about how the receptionist called him five times in a day to verify his appointment but he didn't answer...hilarious, that's her job to call and confirm with you but he sees it with a sinister twist! When he got to the part where he gets worried when he's running late because they may just assume he's flaking, that was a glorious moment. I love Howard, the past few episodes he has had me reeling.
  20. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 196.5 β€” 9/05/14 TWO CHARTED 135

  21. This is in episode 3:16 and it absolutely will have folks cracking up. Another of my favorites from that season was made into an animated 'supershort' here: Just to be clear in case anyone has missed it, Superego is so worth your time you will hate yourself for not getting into it sooner! Season 3 is still available for free on their website http://www.gosuperego.com, if you have any decency you'll go there now or forever be a dumb!
  22. They kept saying bookends and each time it reminded me of Simon & Garfunkel, so imagine my delight when the good reverend finally chimes in quietly with a little 'Old Friends.' Thanks PFT, it did not go unnoticed!
  23. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 66 β€” A New Awakening

    Who cares, it was a cool moment and it showed the rest of the gang nicely that sir dick is dead. I hope it's just left at that, put it into your own interpretation of how it happened because it doesn't matter how. Visualizing the whole thing was quite humorous.
  24. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Bark bark, I'm a dog

    Bark bark, I'm a dog
  25. I'm just so super jazzed that this shit exists. The whole Achtung Baby thing is a great example of what I like about listening to The Scotts talk to each other and I look forward to listening to this entire series.