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    Questions for Sark

    Ugh, MY IMMERSION!! You have a guy walking around with limbs of holy light, an old necromancer living in a tower on a planet of corpses, they just flew on a dead dwarf, but you're concerned about the use of these darned worrisome torches. Is that part just too unbelievable?
  2. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 57 — Saving Trondoor

    Sark has said in the past that he likes to do the leveling up during points in the campaign that feel like natural points/breaks, so you haven't missed anything since they last did it. I've been hoping that it will come soon as it seems the crew has gone through quite a few plot points since they last did it. They've had a bit of a rest, fully restocked and gotten some new equipment, had their magic items identified...it just seems like it would be good to happen before they start on the journey through the dwarven mines. But who knows!
  3. DoctorGeniusPHD

    Episode 176 — Out of Bleeps

    Scott has clearly had some rap training in his past. You'd have to be a real bonehead to not open a song the way he does. How else are people supposed to know that you're a rapper, or that you're here to say something?