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  1. I vividly remember listening to Farts & Pro 1 on my way to work in the wee hours of the morning years ago. I ride the bus and very rarely give up anything even near a giggle no matter how funny I find it on the bus in the morning, but I'll be damned if it didn't make me laugh quite out loud. I don't have much more to say about it than that except that I will remember that feeling for a long time and Harris was a huge part of it, and his comedic sensibility struck deep with me. I always loved to hear him on anything, or to see him on TV, and he was just...a normal guy. I feel like I lost a friend and it's terrible, I can't imagine how his friends feel right now. I literally just shed a single tear as I wrote this. God dammit.

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  2. Is anyone else ever surprised by Paul's mispronunciations of actor's names? For someone who I assume has listened to all episodes of Serial and has heard her name multiple times, it was a bit odd to hear him say "koe-nig" instead of "kay-nig." Also, I'm pretty sure he was screwing up Palance as well.


    Paul says stuff incorrectly all the time but Paul's also really great, so he gets a foreverpass.

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  3. For me it popped up as an episode of Earwolf Presents and I knew that Brian is a funny guy. I've always liked dice and card games so I was excited to listen and have been doing so ever since. I'm slowly listening to it all again from the beginning actually and it's always fun because I'll hear something and it'll remind me of what I was doing when I first listened to it, which at the time was a lot of walking around downtown from my work to the main office.


    Anyhow see ya guys later.

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  4. Props to Dan for playing the character well and to all for trying to move things along. Y'all just gotta get Blaine some chamomile tea or something, he seemed manic and the vibe felt all wrong to me. I dunno if that has anything to do with Ken being gone, like perhaps I have not noticed that Ken balances it out or something. I wasn't there so I can't say but it just felt like no one wanted to be there. The last portion of the episode they're just filling time talking about how much more time they have to do. Not super compelling in any sense and this is from the guy who has listened ever since it came up on Earwolf Presents two years ago and always always always backs this show when fools step. This might even be the only non-positive comment I've ever made about this show actually.

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  5. Gonna bump this up from a couple of months ago but I bought the starter box to play with my friends after listening to this show since the beginning. None of us had ever played before so that's my perspective coming into this world and the included campaign/characters. We are all having fun but I will say that Wizards have at once gone too far and not far enough in the department of hand holding for new players in the starter box.


    The pre-made characters are fine (although in my box I didn't receive five characters as is indicated in the product information; instead I got a cleric, a rogue, and two fighters. Huh?) to jump in with and people picked up on who they were and what they would be capable of as a character right away. However their sheets are muddled with lots of boxes that are already filled in, so for example you just have to cross out what your characters max HP is when you level up or their AC when you use a shield/change armor. It just looks sloppy and at face value a new player has no idea why his stats are what they are with these premade characters, and they really should be able to glean some of that information from the large amount that's written onto each sheet considering that part of the aim of this set is to bring in people who have never played before. The set also did a poor job of describing what is going on with some of the calculations or mechanics. The information is there but for us it took a few sessions before we could actually see and understand why things were the way they were and a lot of that was me looking information up outside of the included handbook whether out of necessity, convenience, or just actually having the mechanic plainly explained. I guess the main gripe here is that the information is here sort of but in order to really understand what's going on it seems like we'll have to buy the dungeon master's guide and a full players' handbook, which is probably exactly what was intended. But only having a portion of the game explained thoroughly is pretty frustrating.


    All in all I am still satisfied with how things are going, and as I have said through other research we have come to understand what's going on -- and why -- better. We will probably continue on playing in the future and despite what I have said it was all pretty easy to get into for everyone at the end of the day. So for a group of new folks, yes we do like 5e.

  6. A key point you may be missing is that this is not a podcast about playing D&D, it is a comedy show about a group of friends playing a game of D&D. If the lack of roleplaying and playing loosely with whatever system is distracting you to the point where you don't like listening to the show, you'll probably be better off stopping.

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  7. I have probably too many favorite guests when it comes to CBB but holy buckets Horatio has got to be right near the top. Any episode with him will have me laughing so hard wherever I am (I feel your pain, guy who finally laughed on public transit)


    Special heart moment: When Scott said 'Ghandi' in the porno name game I immediately said Cumdhi out loud to myself in the shower, so delightful when Raji Sanzo himself spoke the same a bit later.

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  8. I apologize for the drunken hostility of my last post but I stand by the idea that, especially in 2014, the time frame for when something can be 'spoiled' is very short. I can't apologize for that but it's the reality of the connected world we live in. Being a podcast built around the top music and movies I don't think it's reasonable to assume that six weeks after release a movie should still be considered off-limits for discussion. Cripes you could have heard that waiting at a bus stop, would you have yelled at the folks having that conversation?


    Anyway, sorry again for getting riled up. I'm abandoning completely now.

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  9. You stupid fucking babies. Now you have an engineer editing an episode to remove a 'spoiler' from a movie that's been out for over a month. If you were interested and actually gave a shit you probably should have seen it at this point, it's nearing the end of its theatrical run. If you were waiting for a pirated or VOD release you don't get to call people out for discussing plot points. Jesus christ am I fucking annoyed by this.

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  10. omg lol Minnesota people are the worst imitating themselves :wub:


    Freud said, and it is widely believed, that fear of spiders means mother issues...


    I'm told I'm not bad at it myself but I have to say that hands down our own Maria Bamford has the most spot on 'Minnesota Older Lady' voice. It just annihilates me every time.

  11. Just a reminder that you're all free to stop listening at any time!


    Seriously though, you talk about having some other DM come in as though this is just a role to be filled by anyone available. The concept from the start is that this is a group of people who have known one another and played together for quite some time before they started recording it. They've had guests come in to play but it's always people that the group knows and is familiar with. I don't listen to this show to hear a masterfully directed D&D campaign and I think a lot of people agree with me on that. I enjoy this show for the camaraderie, the bullshitting, the occasionally getting excited about doing something cool in D&D, and fart jokes. And I still get that every week.


    I know two things -- one is that some people aren't the craziest about the show in the past couple of months, and two that the people who put the show together appreciate that you still listen to it anyway. The only benefit BP&F gain from this show is that they build a rapport with their fans and it brings a certain group of people together to enjoy the program and to discuss it in ways such as this. This is free entertainment that you get every week, connecting you to the people playing and the other people listening and discussing it. I can't change your opinion and I don't think it's right to ask you not to complain about something, but I do think it's appropriate for you to try to find more positive things about what you perceive as being wronged by the show.


    Boom! You've just been OPINIONATED!

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  12. Funny, I came in to post that I have been really happy with how NP has been going even with sporadic performer absences. This is one of the only shows I listen to that has never missed a week and next week will be their 100th episode. That's a pretty great record considering that Brian is regularly doing out of state gigs and Sarah and Blaine both have pretty new babies at home. Of course I miss Gerry and Sark, but they're busy people.


    I think Blaine has done an admirable job with this campaign especially considering that he is the one who would normally go off on wild tangents during Sark's reign of terror. It's gotta be hard to keep the momentum, plot, characterizations, and cohesion going when you have guest players coming in to drive characters that aren't their own -- and I think they've all done a bang up job. Sure they've kinda been doing the same things for a few episodes now but it does seem like that could soon be changing.


    I dunno, man. You've already listened to 99 episodes of this. There have been stretches of stagnation in the past but you still keep listening. I guess I would just say that I will hold your hand and every Wednesday we can listen to NP:DNDWBPAF if that's what it takes to take that sourpuss attitude away!

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