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  1. I was so ready for Scott to rap to us about our mobile service provider options when I heard that bed music. Other than that I was also cringing in anticipation for some Hutu-Tutsi talk. I am glad they did not veer down that path. The incest stuff covered that spectrum of horrible things I think. Lastly the descriptions of Wompler's pyramid shaped body + nipple-connecting pubic hair really drove home the visual for me more than previous episodes for some reason. It is now very vivid and clear and in my mind. What would I do without this podcast.

  2. The word "Postice" is so appealing to me, I wish I still used dumb old post offices so I could tell all my friends about what I mailed at the postice today. Postice Postice Postice. If anyone has already bought postice.com I will buy it off of you for twice the amount you paid. Also don't name your band Postice cause I already did.

  3. Imagining Wie-Wie closing his eyes to ponder the totally rapid fire questions is a great visual. They sure do have a great chemistry, I wonder if Andy and Howard would ever collaborate, I think Dr. Rosen Rosen could come up with some good beats for Dragon Boy Suede. Elizabeth's men-these-days-are-pussies comment seemed weird coming from her, I wouldn't expect her to generalize like that, plus she does have access to a pretty cool guy that doesn't seem like a "puss" to me. Or maybe it was a joke that flew right over me.

  4. Fuxtrot is golden.Or is it Fuckstrot? The more X's the better! I am submitting my opinion that the track be named Fuxxxtrot. Andy could even birth a whole new sub-genre of dubstep called fuxstep, with potential tie-ins to the pornography industry. I see torrents of cash money in your future. If you build it, they will come. Just believe.

  5. Nobody gives a shit but Radiohead are known to have eschewed heroin, or more specifically cocaine for polite games of bridge in the early days while on tour. Maybe she was making a joke that went way over my head. Also if you liked Stephanie, her episode on the J.V Club podcast is insightful and worth your time. Laimewad out.

  6. I have a story similar to Elizabeth's. When I was around eight years old my friend(also male and 8) and I just decided one day that we had to "practice for sex". It was pretty much exactly as Elizabeth describes it, with the fake making-out and grinding on top of a bed.I think it differed from her experience in that I don't believe there was any deep or real sexuality involved,at least in my mind. We were fully clothed,making exaggerated moans and laughing hysterically,I don't think either of us knew what sex was. None of us turned out to be gay(to my knowledge), it seemed pretty harmless and juvenile. I guess the difference is she could sense a palpable sexual desire within her friend whereas we were just immature and acting out this vague notion of what a child thinks sexual intercourse is. I assume this is normal although it only happened once.


    Anyway, I always look forward to a new Totally Laime episode,itza goode podcaste. Keep doing it!