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    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

    Surprised there wasn't more comparison with A Clockwork Orange (beyond the underage comment). They both really had a central theme about the system and how an individual who doesn't fit is treated. I would even say they both attempt to take the easy way out from their sentences with serious consequences. A Clockwork Orange dwells a little more on the after while Cuckoo's Nest is more blunt with the Lobotomy and pillow bit. I did a term paper on Burgess way back when and seem to remember stories of him travelling to Leningrad (the drunk and stowaway parts seem to not have been true) where he was treated nicely and came to the conclusion that people are good by the system was bad. Perhaps that doesn't come across as clearly in the movie? It's been a while since i've seen either.
  2. pepperjack

    The Searchers

    My mom claims to be a descendant of Hannah Dustin. Hay cousin. There is a statue of her in Haverhill, Mass. Probably will be take down at some point.
  3. pepperjack

    Listener Questions Special

    I take it a whole lot of people haven't seen Gallapoli. Cause that's going to bump most things.
  4. pepperjack

    Next R U Talking Series

    I'd listen to a Rocket from the Tombs series. But my personal vote would be Camper Van Beethoven.
  5. pepperjack


    The refugees in the Philippines would have been ARVN (South Vietnamese) who were our allies. They would have fought against other Vietnamese and not Americans in the war. So beyond basic reliving war experiences I don’t think they would have been anything particularly notable about having to film scenes fighting against US troops. That was a bit of a fishing trip to find something by which to be offended. Also, the Vietnamese fought many wars: the thing we call ‘The Vietnam War’ is sometimes called the American War to distinguish it from the ones against the French, the Chinese, World was II (and they had to eventually roll into Cambodia to end the Khmer Rouge nonsense). I’ve read quite a few return to Vietnam stories from Vietnam vets and they are always surprised by how warmly they are greeted by former NVA and VC opponents. Of course, it’s easier to be mangnamous when you win...
  6. I prefer his cover of The Byrds "My Back Pages." With Mr Tamborine Man, I think Dylan heard Shatner's cover and thought 'I can do that!'
  7. I'm a Trimm Trabb/Self Titled guy, personally. Honorable mention Coffee and TV.
  8. pepperjack

    Athens Andover

    Or Hindu Love Gods? The cover of Raspberry Beret is on Warren Zevon's Genius/Greatest Hits. It's not terrible.
  9. pepperjack

    Pistol Shrimps Radio 5/22/2018

    Hooray for a Friday meetup. I was worried that I might have to miss something important but my Friday is clear.
  10. I wish they had asked about the 'A Dogs Purpose' deal that went viral and set people straight on that one. It seemed pretty obvious that they showed the dog not wanting to go in the water and then cut to it the water, but it could have been days later. The Humane Society on set representative said everything was done properly, but TMZ made it look awful, as they do.
  11. pepperjack

    Pistol Shrimps Radio 5/15/2018

    So, there is a bar in the Watergate (hotel part), with the most cringe-worthy name 'The Next Whisky Bar.'
  12. pepperjack

    Automatic for the People

    Also on the roof of the school in 10 Things I Hate About You. Wait, are we exchanging letters about Letters to Cleo?
  13. pepperjack

    Out of Time

    My buddy played Baritone Sax and I remember the day came in and had discovered Morphine. Completely blown away there was a band with a bari and just bari, bass, and drums. I will say David Lowery from Camper Van sorta got a bit of revenge when his Cracker song named Low was a big hit. You take our electric mandolin, we will take Low. (I know Lowery isn't the mandolin player and that guy didn't make it to Cracker, but still)
  14. pepperjack


    Weird fact: a dry lake in some parts of the world is called a Pan. So the opposite of Lake Street could be Pan Ocean (Pacific).
  15. pepperjack

    Out of Time

    When Scott (not Scott) was trying to hum the Dylan song, he was doing 'Smoke on the Water.' I'm not crazy, right?
  16. pepperjack

    Green with Lance Bangs

    I was all "I'm pretty sure Les Claypool was around by then" when Scott called Meek Mills the best bass player ever. But then I heard the demo track. Suck it Les! *That was an actual autocorrect once where I tried to type Mike Mills and it switched it to Meek Mill. Oh, 2018.
  17. pepperjack


    I sorta get more of a Pop Song 89 vibe from exhuming McCarthy, rather than Stand. But maybe it's a structure thing.
  18. pepperjack

    29 Lifes Rich Pageant

    A cool modern Camper Van Beethoven album is one where they do the entire album 'Tusk' by Fleetwood Mac over again. Complete with a speak-n-spell song. It's weird but fun.
  19. pepperjack

    Musical Mondays - Week 13 - That Thing You Do!

    I'm late with this, but i'm not so sure it would have been so strange to have a different member for the TV appearance. This old Buffalo Springfield clip has a figure with his back to the camera playing bass, because the bassist had been deported to Canada. Not exactly the same situation, but they felt they had to have someone playing bass, and since they are lip synching to a recorded track, they just go with it. https://youtu.be/BWTqj5lvkFs
  20. pepperjack

    Episode 340 - Emotional Dance Conference

    After the Fire did the English cover of 'Der Komissar.' It was a decent hit in the US.
  21. pepperjack

    Episode 162.5 - Minisode 162.5

    He never got around to writing books under the names Turner and Overdrive.
  22. pepperjack

    Episode 162.5 - Minisode 162.5

    Not only did Roger Moore die, but on Matt Gourley's birthday. What a shitty thing to happen.
  23. pepperjack


    Sammy Hagar was in a band in the 80's with Neal Schon (Journey) and Michael Shrieve (Santana). That's about as 'bay area' as it gets.
  24. pepperjack


    This one is a real stretch, but I could be convinced Ice-T was playing himself in the future as a reincarnated kangaroo-man fusion in Tank Girl. I mean, he says he was a cop, but he's played a lot of cops on TV... Angry Anderson and Issac Hayes are in Beyond Thunderdome and Escape from New York respectively, but I don't think there's any evidence either is supposed to be themselves in any form.
  25. pepperjack

    Episode 332 - Arby's Search Engine

    Jay Buhner is everyone's favorite Mariner.