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  1. pepperjack

    Episode 150 — Warrior Pose

    I just hit refresh and a second episode 150 appeared for me.
  2. pepperjack

    Episode 148.5 — 10/4/13 TWO CHARTED 87

    "Can I tell you about something great I read on twitter... ...that I wrote."
  3. pepperjack

    Whooch Live on VPN 10/3

    she was an excellent choice to be on the vpn episode. excellent...
  4. pepperjack

    Episode 72 — Toys

    Netflix is kinda awesome sometimes. I was searching for bad movies one day years ago and came across Teenage Space Vampires. Instead of the usual rated PG for language/violence/etc.. it had this
  5. pepperjack

    Episode 147 — Zouks, There It Is!

    Jason needs to be on twitter if he really wants to start a cult. it's tailor-made for that sort of thing...
  6. pepperjack

    Episode 72 — Toys

    Sorry. Any time anyone talks about Michael Gambon, all I can think about is Top Gear.
  7. pepperjack

    Episode 146.5 — TWO CHARTED 85

    I might have to change my username...
  8. Lots of Methodists around these parts, so no surprise Derek Waters is one. I went to a Methodist preschool, but it didn't take...
  9. pepperjack

    Episode 71.5 — Minisode 71.5

    I'm pretty sure I saw 'Toys' in the theater. Yup.
  10. pepperjack

    Episode 145.5 — TWO CHARTED 84

    If they tour the east coast, I have a hookup at the Baltimore Aquarium (and also the smaller branch in DC).
  11. pepperjack

    Episode 145.5 — TWO CHARTED 84

    Dance break!
  12. pepperjack

    HDTGM All-Stars

    Nikki Cox's wiki says she was an (uncredited) dancer in Mac and Me. Not sure if that's good enough to be an 'All Star.'
  13. pepperjack

    Episode 144 — Voice Rolls

    I must be slacking. I have not yet married anyone I met through twitter.
  14. pepperjack

    Episode 52 — sup /b/

    The reaction when Tom Green says he doesn't troll is priceless. I had almost the exact same reaction...
  15. pepperjack

    Episode 143 — Normies

    I had a pretty shitty one from Qdoba, but I was in a hurry, so it had to do.
  16. pepperjack

    Episode 143 — Normies

    strawmen are fun!
  17. pepperjack

    Episode 143 — Normies

    And Kumail was 100% willing to call her on her shit. That's what made it tolerable.
  18. pepperjack

    Episode 143 — Normies

    Agree 100% You Really Got Me was '64 with its distortion and power chords. Super influential.
  19. pepperjack

    Episode 51 — REWIND THIS!

    My family actually had another type of rival format called Video Disc, which predated VHS (at least in availability in our area). It was a disc encased in a hard plastic case, which you had to feed into the player. You also had to flip it over halfway through the film. We rented them just like VHS starting around '82? We were loyal for several years, but eventually it was overtaken by VHS and we switched over. My mom bought Jane Fonda's workout on Videodisc... http://en.wikipedia....Electronic_Disc
  20. pepperjack

    Episode 133 — Summah Semantics

    Alie and Georgia on Drunk History soon... http://www.comedycen...lewis-and-clark Also Kumail playing an 'Indrian!'
  21. pepperjack

    Episode 141 — Jersey Bonding

    I don't think I could handle it if Howard comes to Baltimore...
  22. pepperjack

    Episode 140 — Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    To clarify, this guy is probably funny and whatever, but his inner comic genius doesn't come through like Howard's does. Put me down as a well-wisher, in that I don't wish him any specific harm. Scott was cracking me up in the Lord of the Ring part with his lack of nerddom...
  23. pepperjack

    Episode 140 — Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    I'm afraid I have to disagree with Orville, Jack, and Mr. There is no replacement for Howard. I guess it's better than nothing, but...
  24. pepperjack

    Episode 139.5 — 08/02/13 TWO CHARTED 78

    Sixpence None the Richer? Holy shit, that's obscure. Were they from Texas?