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    Jason Twitter Conspiracy

    Jason's actual twitter account has 0 tweets, so even if they knew of its existence, they couldn't use it for the purposes of the bit. So pretty much what Justin said.
  2. actual youtube comment for 'Hold on Loosely:' Rudy Robelez 1 month ago this song is actually great advice on how to keep a woman interestedο»Ώ in you.
  3. I didn't realize Bill Clinton was the in the Newbeats! and .38 Special was good, but they were no Molly Hatchet...
  4. pepperjack

    Episode 129 β€” Professional Liar

    Regular-Sized (breath... breath) Rudy!
  5. pepperjack

    Episode 128.5 β€” 5/17/13 TWO CHARTED 67

    The twooch that burns twice as bright, only burns half as long? Or something.
  6. pepperjack

    Episode 127.5 β€” 5/10/13 TWO CHARTED 66

    Downloaded for me this morning?
  7. pepperjack

    Episode 127.5 β€” 5/10/13 TWO CHARTED 66

    Really needed Kulap to laugh at Howard's Battlescar Galacticia joke...
  8. pepperjack

    Submit clips here!

    Remember when Falco had Der Kommissar and then After the Fire covered it in English and it then it became a hit. Some crazy 80's videos for both...
  9. pepperjack

    Episode 127 β€” LIVE from Bridgetown 2013

    I wish this episode would invade iTunes...
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  11. pepperjack

    Episode 125 β€” LIVE from Vancouver 2013 II

    well, Miley Cyrus pronounces it Rim-beau...
  12. pepperjack

    Episode 125 β€” LIVE from Vancouver 2013 II

    two terminators in the top 5 robots? Seems kinda lazy...
  13. pepperjack

    Episode 60.5 β€” Minisode 60.5

    Can we do a run on mother movies and do 'Throw Mama from the Train' next?
  14. pepperjack

    Episode 60 β€” Street Fighter

    Disagree. 'My Dinner with Andre' is the easily the worst video game movie ever.
  15. Where's the picture Jake tweeted yesterday with the three really old guys?
  16. pepperjack

    Episode 124 β€” Duke of Leon

    I don't think I had heard the Harlem Shake before they played on this episode, or didn't know it when I heard it. I sorta avoided it on purpose. Been enjoying the level of discourse the guests have been bringing lately. Very erudite...
  17. pepperjack

    Episode 60 β€” Street Fighter

    JCVD should sue Mo Farrah...
  18. pepperjack


    someone listened to the first 4 minutes of the episode!
  19. pepperjack

    Favorite Bad Movie Quote

    Volcano: 1st. Guard: Man, this Hieronymus Bosch is heavy! 2nd. Guard: That's because he deals with man's inclination towards sin, in defiance of God's will. 1st. Guard: I didn't mean it like that. 2nd. Guard: Oh. The Postman: Postman: I know you. You're...famous. Tom Petty: I was.
  20. pepperjack

    Episode 123 β€” Thunder Head

    Matt Walsh, mesoamerican history expert?
  21. pepperjack

    Episode 123 β€” Thunder Head

    I'm not sure why, but Howard pairing Emma Stone with Sylvester Stallone was hilarious.
  22. pepperjack

    Episode 59 β€” Spice World

    Does Richard E Grant lose actor status for being in Hudson Hawk?
  23. pepperjack

    Episode 122.5 β€” 4/5/13 TWO CHARTED 61

    California is weird.
  24. pepperjack

    Episode 59 β€” Spice World

    it"s hypnotic.
  25. pepperjack

    Episode 122 β€” Me Neither

    Surprised Howard doesn't know about Cryptozoology. New Jersey's hockey team is named after a cryptid! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jersey_Devil