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  1. pepperjack

    Episode 122 — Me Neither

    well played. and thanks!
  2. pepperjack

    Episode 122 — Me Neither

    The episode, she's not there... http://youtu.be/f5IRI4oHKNU
  3. pepperjack

    Episode 59 — Spice World

    Felt like they were trying too hard. Oh, well. On to the next one...
  4. pepperjack

    Episode 58.5 - Minisode 58.5

    I liked posh, this was before all the beckham shit, of course.
  5. pepperjack

    Episode 121.5 — 3/29/13 TWO CHARTED 60

    yay. twooch...
  6. Was listening to Rudy Can't Fail and that a-Rudy-to a-rudy-to a-rudy-to-to song popped in my head. Curse you Jake.
  7. pepperjack

    Episode 58.5 - Minisode 58.5

    Meat Loaf! Random trivia. Richard E. Grant was born in Swaziland.
  8. pepperjack

    The Chase (1994)

    How could you forget the plot. Charlie Sheen escaped from jail and abducted rich Kristy Swanson with a candy bar. Later they have sex in the car while still being pursed by Henry Rollins. I'm pretty sure it's based off Shakespeare.
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    Who Memed?

    no 'in summation?' i'm disappointed in you all.
  12. pepperjack

    Submit clips here!

    your Peter Murphy/Subaru tweet reminded me that this exists...
  13. pepperjack

    Episode 58 — In The Name of The King

    Somewhere Uwe Boll is busy stealing Jason's idea for a Glory-style movie based on the two black characters. Are they African-Americans or African-mordarans/narnians/gameofthronesplaceans?
  14. pepperjack

    Episode 119.5 — 3/15/13 TWO CHARTED 58

    have they ever discussed this on the show? http://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/mtvs-awesome-lee-dungrees-ads-from-1997-will-make-you-relive (tweeted by the Sklar Brothers a couple of days ago, so many future podcasters!)
  15. pepperjack

    Episode 119.5 — 3/15/13 TWO CHARTED 58

    15 minutes in and this is phenomenal.
  16. pepperjack

    HDTGM Survey Monkey / Movie Voting

    Dante's Peak and not Volcano? C'mon people.
  17. Pretty short trip from setting up illegal recording stings to defense contracting for Skunk Baxter...
  18. pepperjack

    Episode 118 — Shit Fits

    GC: I saw you doing a show in Santa Monica in some basement to like 7 people. I walked up to you and was like 'I don't know you, but can I be your friend?' What a jerk that guy is. Appreciating Howard and wanting to be his friend.
  19. pepperjack

    Episode 118 — Shit Fits

    I didn't mind this guy. You have to stick with it.
  20. pepperjack

    Episode 56.5 — Minisode 56.5

    Still not as weird as Zach Galifianakis having a talk show, and it not being successful...
  21. pepperjack

    Episode 117.5 — 3/1/13 TWO CHARTED 56

    Joe Walsh is from Cleveland! He may have been born in Ouchitawww, but his first band was The James Gang, which was a Cleveland band. It's why Drew Carey had him on his show...
  22. pepperjack

    HDTGM All-Stars

    Nah. Sam Jackson is not looking for a sandwich. He'll be in your movie if you let him say the f word a bunch of times.
  23. pepperjack

    Episode 116.5 — 2/22/13 TWO CHARTED 55

    People do eat Moose.
  24. pepperjack

    Episode 116 — Feel The Night

    I would have played 'You Better You Bet' from the Keith Moon-less The Who album 'Face Dances.'
  25. pepperjack

    Episode 115 — Bizarro

    Currently on my second listen. It's probably a good thing this was recorded before the last week...