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  1. Jeff, your podcast is so good it makes me hate my own. You are always getting the best people on, which leads me to say: "How the fuck did he get______!?" and then I think, "Well I'd say that if Jeff Garlin was the guest too, so....." I would eat cheese with you in a non-romantic way any day of the week.
  2. JamesHenry

    Nothing But Trouble - Horrifying

    I saw this as a middle schooler, and I loved it/knew it was bad. I just want to address the whole "what is happening with this movie?" thing. The only thing that makes sense to me is that Dan Akryod must have been fucked up with his brother, and they started talking shit about a "what if...." about some hidden inbred town that has been doing americas dirty work for over a century (i.e. getting rid of jimmy hoffa, etc..) and therefore have been allowed to exist in this tiny toxic town. I think at it's heart this was a passion project based in Akryods more fringe/paranoidyoutubenut side (Dan has some pretty out there ideas (i.e. illuminati, ufo's, other weird shit). I also think if Lars Von Trier took this script and cut only the digital underground scene, IT WOULD BE THE MOST FRIGHTENING MOVIE EVER.
  3. JamesHenry

    Episode 1 — No Homo

    This reminds me of my podcast, except that your's more professional and people enjoy it.
  4. JamesHenry

    Episode 14 — Speech Therapy

    I really like this podcast guys, just "so's youz knows". Thanks for doing a Dad centered podcast, because almost all of my friends are still single, high-as-shit-everyday, and they have no idea what being a parent is like, needless to say I appreciate this cast. love, james
  5. JamesHenry

    Episode 48.5 — Minisode 48.5

    This is unrelated, but, I would really love to see you guys get an "dum dum"(the lollypops) endorsement deal. Imagine a 7dollar box of 6-7 Dum-dum pops with Jason's face on the box screaming, "DUM DUM!" Regardless of this happening or not, Hearing Jason call people Dum-dums is one of my favorite things in the world.
  6. JamesHenry

    Episode 47 — Super Mario Bros: LIVE

    I just have to say that technically I believe most porno, IS already "orphan porn", or at the very least "broken home porn". Also, it is really great to hear you guys rip on this movie, I hated it when i was in middle school, and I liked total shit movies back then, so....thanks for another great ep. p.s. AND JENNY SLATE?! Seriously I loved tthis ep.
  7. JamesHenry

    Bad Halloween Movies!

    I would have to second that on: "Halloween 3" it is truly awful, and makes no sense at all. I'd say it might be the perfect choice.