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    Episode 48 - The Empire Strikes Back with Clive Revill

    Don't think no one noticed the keyboard riff at the start was the one from "Revenge of the Nerds" ("They're So Incredible," I believe), BTW.
  2. BenA.Varkentine

    Exit to Eden (1994)

    With all the respect and gratitude in the world, I think this should be done to mark Garry Marshall's passing.
  3. BenA.Varkentine

    Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again (1982)

    I really want to know how this actually got made and released. I still don't quite believe it. Even with the Wikipedia entry and it's being on YouTube (in it's entirety!) and everything...but somehow I don't quite trust my eyes and ears on this one. It's like...*really*?
  4. BenA.Varkentine

    Double Impact (1991)

    June's position on men doing the splits means this movie has to be done, since there's a scene where a half-dozen women in an exercise class all wet their leotards at once, over JCVD doing them.
  5. BenA.Varkentine

    Episode 137 - The Avengers: LIVE!

    I now know how fans of Street Fighter the game must feel listening to that episode. The original Avengers with Patrick MacNee (voice of the invisible man in this travesty) and Diana Rigg is one of the most stylish, witty TV series ever made and Paul, Jason and June know nothing about it. It's understandable, but yet it hurts me. The ignorance. It physically hurts me.
  6. BenA.Varkentine

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    Oy, my god. Listening to this episode in three segments over the last 24 hours, I've gone from liking Cameron but thinking she wasn't a good fit here, or was having an off night, to reassessing whether I like her as a performer at all. Maybe most of all when she made the crack about the men getting paid more. Well, Pete was the only one who's also a standup, and I believe he's been working longer than her and had his own talk show. Jason and Paul are writer/actors etc, and again, I believe have been on "the scene" longer than she has. Maybe *that's* why they make more money. If you told me she was doing a parody of the cliched, angry lesbian feminist, I would not take much convincing. And one of the reasons this hit me so hard is that's not at all what I thought of her before this, I've literally never minded her discussing her sexuality or views on any other podcast (and she's done a lot). But on here sometimes I wanted to shout in frustration: It's not about you!
  7. BenA.Varkentine

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    Yeah, despite what I said earlier this morning, the problem some of us are having may be not that Cameron veered off into personal views, buy that she wasn't *funny* doing it. And yes, funny is subjective. A live audience is usually a good barometer, though, and I don't remember hearing a lot of laughs from this one when Cameron started Expressing Herself. Even when she finishes a statement that sounds like she may have expected applause after, she gets it, but it sounds tepid and grudging. I know what a Largo crowd really giving it up at a HDTGM show sounds like at this point, and that wasn't it.
  8. BenA.Varkentine

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    Definitely an off night for Cameron. She keeps doing it (abandoning the movie for well-meaning Statements, with a capital S). At one point you can *literally* hear Pete trying to remind her that this is a comedy show, and she acknowledges it briefly before rushing back to the barricades.
  9. BenA.Varkentine

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    I'm at the first commercial break, and I too feel like Cameron ground to a halt what was sounding like a very promising episode by taking such a deep dive into politics. Regardless of whether I agree with her or not (on some things I do, on some things I don't ), that's not what I go to HDTGM for. I liked Cameron on the Mortal Combat episode and I've liked her on other things, so I'm going to hope this was just a combination of the content of the movie mixing with this crazy election time making this burble up from her. Now, back to the episode to see if Jason, Paul and Pete can get the train back on the rails...
  10. BenA.Varkentine


    What was the opening song?
  11. BenA.Varkentine

    EPISODE 122 - Death Spa: LIVE!

    Some kind (?) person condensed Death Spa down to two minutes and change...
  12. BenA.Varkentine

    Earth Girls are Easy (1988)

    Don't you DARE touch Earth Girls Are Easy.
  13. BenA.Varkentine

    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    Correction: Paul is wrong about James Wan doing Star Trek 3. Justin Lin, who did Furious 3-6 is. James Wan, meanwhile, is doing (wait for it)...a new Mortal Kombat movie. Also, Aquaman.
  14. BenA.Varkentine

    EPISODE 114.5 — Minisode 114.5

    I've been wondering the same thing.
  15. When I heard they were doing this I was afraid they might shit all over David Warner, who in '91, to my 19-year-old self, was the best thing in the movie ("Affirmative. Yes. Yo. Right on... my man."). So I'm glad they didn't do that but not to mention him at all boggles my mind. He's David Warner, man! The one actor who's literally good in anything, even the worst movies (like Tim Burton's Apes). Show some respect! Also Re the etymology of Cowabunga: