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  1. Tron83

    Clifford (1994)

    Come on people, comments please!
  2. Tron83

    Clifford (1994)

    Just a weird movie all together. It has all the signs of a HDTGM movie, a man impersonating a child, horrible gaffs, unexplainable situations, and a plot that has Grodins character at the helm of the cities mass transportation system. WTF
  3. Tron83

    Species (1995)

    If they do this one we are going to have to listen to Jason say what parts he masturbated to.
  4. Tron83

    Southland Tales (2006)

    Have Kev Smith back for this since he loves to pod, and was I. The movie. I would def cast my vote for this
  5. The fact that he is never scared, even when he is small, is the exact reason they picked him to try the super soldier serum. The serum enhances all physical and mental capabilities, they wanted someone who was fearless so when they gave him the serum it would increase exponentially. They didn't want guys with huge egos bc the serum would boost that or guys who were pussys bc it would boost that feeling.
  6. I've never seen either of those, but know I will def watch bc I liked this movie a lot
  7. Tron83

    Osmosis Jones

    Bill Murray, Chris Rock, Molly Shannon and David Hyde-Pierce star in this animation/real world mash up that is just an absolute abortion of a film.
  8. Lando, I disagree, they have done plenty of movies that have directors, actors, DP's, producers etc, that have done some amazing things in cinema, with that said, everyone makes mistakes and if you can't laugh at your mistakes then you shouldn't be in entertainment in the first place
  9. He's fucking a hooker and stealing blow while making the John watch, that's not crazy enough for you?
  10. Tron83

    Doom (2005)

    I forgot about the first person shooter camera mode, that was fucking tight!
  11. Tron83

    Doom (2005)

    Holy shit, the worst movie I've ever watched, as Jason would say, I literally hated this movie so much I loved it. The Rock is captivating as usual and the plot is impossible to follow. Please do this if you don't do Bad Lieutenant
  12. If the previos post doesn't persuade everyone including Paul Jason and June, that this movie needs to be done, I don't know what will!
  13. You know what all the other movies below this post don't have that this one does? Nic Cage
  14. Sooner or later they will do this movie I'm 100% positive.
  15. Bump for this awesome movie!
  16. Happy Birthday man, thanks for the laughs, keep them coming!
  17. Nic Cage is Americas answer to boring movies/crappy actors!!!
  18. Hahaha, I also felt that his acting was coming from somewhere personal
  19. I agree Nic gives an awesome performance, IMDB says he snorted real baby powder when he was doing "coke" in the movie.
  20. This is a real gem, Cage at his finest!
  21. Tron83

    Episode 43 — Wild Wild West

    He calls everyone man, even his own mother.
  22. Have you played the video games? The worlds are NOTHING alike.
  23. Sorry but I am a scientist and if you want to go a little deeper than you already have your theory will be proven wrong. If they do in fact use electricity instead of fossil fuels they still have to use something to create the electricitiy which is produced with coal, a fossil fuel. I think they just tried to make it look "different" from the cities we are use to
  24. Tron83


    Hey Paul I think a cool and quick segment would be for you guys to re-write the tagline of the movie after you watch it.