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    Episode 65 — Howard the Duck: LIVE!

    I haven't seen this movie in about 20 years but the comic it's based on is one of my favorites. Unfortunately for the film-goer's experience, Lucas is trying to telegraph a lot of what makes the comic so stellar but, in format that he has a very limited skill-set for. Lucas needed to be a much better writer for this movie to have worked. He is trying to cram many of the great elements of the comic into a 110 minutes movie, and there just isn't time for all of it. You can't make a woman fall in love with a duck so quickly! What makes the comic great is its critique of modern American society. In the comic, some people see a duck because there literally is a duck present; some see nothing because they're oblivious, self-absorbed dolts; and others either ignore him as they would a shouting homeless man on the train, or believe he is a wearing a costume because it's difficult to believe this (a talking duck) is happening. June was on point when she said the employment agency staffer didn't even register Howard was a duck. That woman is a cog in the machine, she doesn't care. But Lucas in no way establishes this reality for the uninitiated viewers! He achieves only in building a confusing world that takes the viewer out. A shame, really, because this was a great opportunity to introduce people to a comic that Lucas himself, no doubt, loved. Anyways, great episode, and great guest. Thanks all.
  2. brotorch

    Episode 224 — Live From Austin

    I thought the same but, Paul was so funny I could never give him grief for the voice overlap. The voice was close, the character very different.
  3. brotorch

    Episode 15 — Music Fun!

    I'm out if Dave's out. I'm just not a enough of a fan of Jeff's personality to keep listening. I also think Dave brings a balance to the show that no guest has been able match. Jeff is a book smart dad, we need a dad like Dave who several years experience. A couple of young dads just can't address issues that older dads are facing.
  4. brotorch

    Episode 97.5 — 10/12/12 TWO CHARTED 36

    "Beep out hando." Just one of the many loud laughs this ep provided me. Thanks team.
  5. brotorch

    Episode 95.5 — 9/28/12 TWO CHARTED 34

    Ha. It's similar to liking 'rock' music but only thinking metal is good. Yes, it's technically proficient, but that isn't enough to make it interesting. Also, I find most white acts, minus Eminem, aren't about having a good time. There is always so much positivity and social consciousness, as though they got into the game to save rap from the gutters of guns and misogyny.
  6. brotorch

    Episode 95.5 — 9/28/12 TWO CHARTED 34

    Yup, too many believe this is the be all end all. They'll come around, hopefully. But back on topic, I, too, got really into Riff Raff this summer. He appeared on Meyhem Lauren's mixtape, Respect the Fly Shit, and I couldn't believe it was the same dude who I had already seen in the Kitty Pryde vid. He's whole persona is so funny. Here's the track that broke Riff Raff for me, he takes the second verse here: http://www.youtube.com/embed/37Y6QdkzOng
  7. brotorch

    Episode 95.5 — 9/28/12 TWO CHARTED 34

    Get a juicer, Howard! Forget learning the difference between a masticating juicier and a centrifugal one. Just get a juicer your comfortable paying for because, truly, you don't know how long you'll keep at it. There's a bit of work involved in cleaning a juicer, and you may quit before getting your money's worth on a high-end one. My first juice was also made in a blender... Kale and water. I powered through it wondering how anyone could ever get used to drinking chunky fluids at breakfast.