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  1. What if i told you there was a movie that featured the mastery of country music, japanese cowboys, austic children and cheech marin, micheal mckean and bronson pinchot as magical angels? I give you Pure country 2: the gift. Written by dean cain, George strait makes a brief appearance as a carry over from the original for a brisk 2 minutes. I just woke up for work at 6am and this was on, I thought I was dreaming; but once i saw cheech marin grant the lead actress the gift of country music because she was nice to autistic kids, the coffee set in and i realizedy day could only get better.
  2. Action star Tyler Perry? Matthew Fox as a sadomasochistic mma fighting supervillain? DR PERRY COX?! The trailer alone features every action/suspense stereotype imaginable, lord knows what the actual movie will bring. Needless to say I am jacked for this. Even if HDTGM doesnt do this, do amy fellow earwolfers in the LA area wanna catch a screening? Never cross Alex Cross.