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  1. So much greatness in these last few eps. I4H is quickly becoming my favorite podcast.

    Episode 51 — Too Soon

    Amazing episode. Tim Meadows needs to be on more, especially if hes trying to talk dirty nonsexually or in a newscaster voice.


    I second this. Just saw this movie and it is INSANE. OP doesn't mention Jeffrey Tambor's turn as the main character's boss/nemesis until he dies for no reason halfway through the movie (causing our hero to swear that he'll never use his marketing superpowers again), a completely pointless spy subplot in which our hero likely causes several innocent people's deaths, and Max Von Sydow's supervillain-style network with the power to control the world's media (again, for the SOLE purpose of making fat sexy). This is easily the craziest movie I've ever seen, and no one can really do justice to how little sense it actually makes, but I'd love to see the show try.
  4. Riff Raff! (Kitty Pryde would also be cool)