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  1. at my desk by 7:45, which is really what evolution/god/the universe intended for humans to do with their lives

  2. Gary Cohen is a stranger to his own soul http://t.co/rAnptpGIgE

  3. again from last ep of @ReplacementPlay: pregame show, 99 ALDS gm 5. Olbermann and Steve Lyons debate Pedro's injury http://t.co/4qCt4KRMhe

  4. by listening to this Mets-Cards game with headphones, I can hear a few dummies yell stuff at Carlos Beltran. didn't work, dummies.

  5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Lohse #BadFantasyMLBTeamNames

  6. has anyone ever done a Big Daddy Roth-style cartoon of a crazy hotrod piloted by Soupy Sales?

  7. we've know about Dennis Rodman in North Korea for hours now and I haven't seen a single reference to "Double Team" http://t.co/n1yMosFXXo

  8. I keep getting google calendar alerts I set as reminders to write things, because I like taunting myself with how few free hours I have

  9. C. Everett Koop's death reminds me that in the 80s any info about sex had to come from him, a tiny German woman, or your friend who had HBO.

  10. "Punk Robot Girl" by the kid. No, I have no idea what this means, either. http://t.co/pHhTwkSSGt

  11. A desk calendar where every page tells you what Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, and Steve Jobs were doing 10 years today

  12. In re The Onion Twitter kerfuffle: context is king http://t.co/87rQlngm1Q

  13. I don't think it's censorship (self or otherwise) to consider "maybe this will hurt someone who doesn't deserve it" before you write

  14. this is the number one slow jam for Valentine's Day this year http://t.co/XNHQQMP0

  15. If you ever wondered how a bass solo would sound on a subway platform, I can now report the results are not good

  16. I've finished "Going Clear" and I'm not sure who I find more terrifying: David Miscavige or the New Yorker's fact checking apparatus

  17. if hearing Mike Francesa do a live read for Vermont Teddy Bears doesn't put you in a Valentines Day mood, maybe you just don't love love

  18. $50M woulda been some expensive deck chairs on the Titanic #Bourn #Mets

  19. you can see @justsheano briefly during the Coney Island portion. the world was spared seeing me frying in the August sun

  20. I know most engineering advances come from the military, but I'm still disappointed we got to Robot Death Planes before Hoverboards

  21. appropriately enough, this song just shuffled up on iTunes http://t.co/4bkd59gC

  22. this just raises further questions // RT @Pontifex I believe this should make the reason for my decision clear http://t.co/t9Zq7SxW