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    Episode 133 — King of the Dipshits

    Great episode! I don't tweet but Matt Besser, you need to bring I4H to Toronto! If you do come, I direct an indy artist studio/performance space downtown in case anyone from the cast wants to do something less formal! theotherwhitehouse.ca theotherwhitehouse@gmail.com
  2. deadwildcat

    Episode 125 — Live from SXSW!

    I have to say something about this episode, Rob Ford is a terrible Mayor and he is a laughing stock within the city. Toronto has been a great and well-run city for years. Much longer than the 3 years Rob Ford has been mayor. It amalgamated in 1998 and the suburban areas usually dictate election results, they don't have a lot of influence or interest in what happens downtown (where TM saw the construction). They voted RoFo into office but after Jimmy Kimmel, he isn't popular anywhere. He is a nightmare. Also, the unsold condo development is developer-driven and actually hinders good city development. No disrespect to Tim Meadows. I4H is my favourite podcast!
  3. The upstairs/downstairs prostitution angle, with Horatio as a blind virgin. This is the funniest scene hands down and must be included!