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  1. When Dwayne Johnson proposes in Baghdad, one lucky lady is getting a rock from the rock in Iraq.
  2. If Tom Hanks can do it, Ron Hanks can too.
  3. Ladies, not to toot my own horn but allow me to serenade you with this trumpet i have on long term lease
  4. It's not cross fit without garage doors, and Pilates? ?? Sounds like something i would do. Ok Google, show me the nearest Gold's gym.
  5. Nosferatu, no Jesus. Know Nosferatu, know Jesus.
  6. I might only be able to get it up on Wednesdays, but when I do, I really wail.
  7. I only believe in two conspiracy theories, 9/11 and Sandra Bullock's Oscar.
  8. One fish two fish red fish, oh we're having fish again? God dammit Carroll.
  9. Choctaw the AKA Saucerman Hot aka Aukerman Scott Host Intrepid Your am I Bang Bang Comedy To Welcome
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  11. My dad said he was disappointed in me...so he pulled out.
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