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    Squarespace Websites

    We made our website with Squarespace and used the Besser coupon. I'm really happy with it! We sell super geeky clothes mostly designed by my wife (with just a few collaborations with me) and ALL printed by her. There's lots of great stuff aimed at men, women, and kids in a rainbow of colors. No more sloppy plain black geek shirts!! The site is Geekiana.com. Hey what the heck, here's a coupon for improv4humans listeners—use the code ANDSCENE and you'll save $4. That's $4 exclusively 4 humons! We ship anywhere in the world.
  2. I came in because I was all excited about opilionids and daddy longlegs and I find all this talk about case closed. Case Closed is one of the BEST segments, keep it up! Daddy longlegs are not poisonous. Here's a lot of information from the University of California Riverside (which has a great spiders site): http://spiders.ucr.edu/daddylonglegs.html
  3. burnunit

    Guest suggestions

    I don't have many names in my head, but I for one really appreciate it when there's women in the mix. Please spare no effort in getting more women on the show!
  4. burnunit

    Episode 114.5 — Sklarbro County 19

    Such a great podcast. Jason, Randy and Dan could not be more wrong about one detail: whatever you've heard about the "classiness" of Green Bay fans is vastly overrated. Worst collection of semi-human drunken gas huffing rubes ever. YES, I'm a Vikings fan and I'll own this. Anyone with allegiances to the NFC North—and Dan Van Kirk should know this as a Bears fan—can tell you that this assortment of disgusting mutants should all be force-sterilized and caged for their own good! Remember when Randy Moss "mooned" them; and the meltdown Joe Buck had about it because he thought Randy was pretending to take a dookie with the ball? Moss did that because of the ass-first treatment those fans deliver to visiting teams and fans behind the scenes. If Moss had actually removed his pants and dropped an actual deuce on the field he would have classed up the joint. But instead we get commentators and ill-informed outsiders treating Lambeau as if it was God's gift to football (a friend of mine says "as if it was god-damned Uluru!"). Do not be fooled!