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  1. slothman

    Episode 59 — Spice World

    How Did This Get Made? June (about 1hour and 2 mins into the episode) uuuhhhhhh guys. i think we're forgetting that the Spice Girls were really popular. CASE CLOSED! it's been a while since i last saw this film (i too went to the cinema, and have seen it since) but was jennifer saunders costume more of a gag in line with patsy and edina/absolutely fabulous/vapidity of fashion etc. etc.and isn't that what this whole movie is all about? although i give MASSIVE props to the "chev chelios is an alien baby" theory. That's cannon as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Oscar winner Amy Adams offers her take on SMG intense screen presence in this frankly bizarre sequel. The film contains *a crowded room going silent with a record scratch *a sassy old lady (who sadly does not rap!) *a shower scene involving two characters we never see again *someone getting pushed into a mud puddle but it's not that funny. it's prime fodder for HDTGM but in no way recommended for any other purpose.
  3. i just found this and i'm loving it! long interviews with Shawn Ryan, Christopher Guest and Patrick Warburton, YES! thanks a million Earwolf! You've done it again!
  4. slothman

    Sex and the City 2 (2010)

    for all it's crimes, Sex and the City 2 did inspire this fine piece of reportage: Warning - this guy calls himself the Filthy Critic and his entusiasm does occaisonally manifest itself in some salty language http://www.bigempire.com/filthy/sexandthecity2.html
  5. slothman

    Gangster Squad 2013

    but it clearly wanted to be taken seriously. Penn's mushy line delivery and Gosling's character (actually referred to as "a sheep in wolf's clothing") and the amount of cliche's deployed mean this is prime fodder for a good episode of HDTGM. haven't seen black dahlia as it's reputation is so dire. pretty sure they would have had to defang the book very seriously to bring it to the screen.
  6. slothman

    Gangster Squad 2013

    this, this this! a million times this! have you ever seen LA Confidential and thought "what this movie needs is less subtlety, more brutality and a shoe shine kid who gets caught in the stray fire of a confusing street based machine-gun fight."? well have ryan gosling, josh brolin, giovani ribisi and nick nolte got something for you. there's this thing they keep talking about called "The War", apparently it's over and important for Brolin's character to stop fighting it.
  7. slothman

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    thanks, chalkdust. it seemed like a really wierd coincidence, but i guess just another one of the innumerable coincidences/circumstances that make the film itself so great. it's when people start extrapolating about what EXACTLY makes it so great (and how you can use that to make other great movies) that things get shaky. just look at the sequels for an example of how you can't bottle spontineity. pretty sure i am going to enjoy these episodes. other things that work brilliantly without outside interference: the pod by ween
  8. slothman

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    watched Jaws BluRay last night. great film. a couple of thoughts: are the shooting stars that appear in the background of the Orca scenes from the original? i had to stop the disc a couple of times and each time i started it up again it went to the main menu. getting back to the right spot was a lot more involved than if i'd been watching it on a trusty ol' VHS.
  9. Well, it's twn years since something happened. Happy anniversary and welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang!
  10. slothman

    Episode 46 — Barb Wire

    this movie is proof of the slogan "It's not a tit until you see a nip."