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  1. RawheadNick

    Episode 75 — Global Warming

    BTW, great episode
  2. RawheadNick

    Episode 75 — Global Warming

    The false equivalency given the arguments between believers and skeptics/deniers as equally valid is apparently (and sadly) part of the reality one has to confront and adapt to. One side has a multi-billion-dollar PR-industry on its side though.
  3. RawheadNick

    Favorite quotes from Earwolf shows!

    Maybe it's not so quotable, but a great moment in CBB is in EP111 (about 58 minutes in) when Scott Aukerman and Brett Gelman are talking about guest David Guy Levy, referring to him as a stupid person. That made me laugh. The episode also features the great Gelrap "Hi! How Are You". http://www.earwolf.c...hi-how-are-you/
  4. RawheadNick

    Episode 74 — Star Trek

    I love the Aardroid, but I do need my KT&D-fix this week! Hope Tig is fine. She did say it was her "dying wish" to have Aaron hosting an episode all by himself...
  5. RawheadNick

    Episode 73 — Memory

    Loved Kyles "embarrassing story of the week"...