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    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    I just checked out the updated iOS app and am pretty excited about the ability to create custom playlists. This will be fun to play with.
  2. HiGuys


    One feature I'd love to see with the app, and something that would make me more likely to use the app rather than the podcasting app I've been using for years, is the ability to create curated playlists of my favorite episodes. And for those playlists to be sharable with other users. For example, a playlist of every Marissa Wompler appearance on CBB, or a playlist of my favorite Andy Daly appearances, a playlist of my favorite episodes of 2013, etc. This would also be super helpful for new users since it can be daunting trying to follow a character's storyline since they're scattered across so many episodes. Members of the community could create "Playlists for new listeners" with their favorite gateway episodes, etc.
  3. HiGuys


    Hi Scott, How did you arrive at the $4.99 price point? Will there be an option for a Family Plan in the future like Netflix and Spotify have? The "Netflix of podcasts" name isn't a perfect fit since a Netflix account can be used for an entire household but I'm guessing the Howl premium account can't, so we're looking at $10/month for my wife and I. That isn't a dealbreaker or anything but it makes us hesitate a bit at least. I've tried to put my finger on why this new plan doesn't feel quite right. I mean we have no trouble supporting Earwolf: we've bought many tshirts, donated to CBB, bought all of the live shows, etc. I think it comes down to having the old episodes taken away. As others have mentioned there's a real connection that is formed with these podcasts, something beyond just entertainment. They start to become like friends, sources of comfort. It's like a record that you own and have listened to a hundred times over the years and it starts to mean more to you than just another source of entertainment. For example I know I can go back and listen to Andy Daly's first appearance as Dalton Wilcox and I'll smile for the next two hours. I've listened to that episode and many others over and over. So there's something about the new situation that cheapens that relationship a little. None of this is to say that I'm pissed about it or anything. I'll happily support everything you guys do. Just wanted to add that perspective. Thanks!
  4. Man, I loved this episode. It's up in the top two or three podcast episodes of the year for me along with the August Lindt episode of Andy Daly's podcast. Todd Glass is the perfect complement to Adam and Scott. He's so goofy, earnest and engaging. It gives them so much material to react to and riff on.
  5. HiGuys

    Episode 174 — Series Regulars

    I've listened to this episode about 5 times now and it still cracks me up. Probably my favorite episode since Farts and Procreation or the Marissa and Ms Listler ep at least. This episode prompted me to listen to John Mulaney's two standup albums and I thoroughly enjoyed them both.
  6. I'm tippin the bissy cuz the bissy needs tippin I'm tippin the bissy cuz the bissy is right And stance, dance dance dance Pompomp a chomp a chomp a chomp