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    Simon Sez (1999)

    Now that Denis Rodman announced he will return to North Korea where he is BFF with its dictator Kim Jong Un, it may be time to look at Simon Sez. It's not only is weird and confusing, but incredibly unfunny.
  2. AndresSchiffino

    No Holds Barred (1989)

    Does anyone remember that after the film, "Tiny" Lister actually wrestle as his film character Zeus for a short while in the WWE? The story was that he and Hogan had problems on the set of No Holds Barred. they would eventually settle their feud at a special PPV. The film was screened on PPV followed by a match between Hogan and Zeus.
  3. AndresSchiffino

    No Holds Barred (1989)

    I was wondering the same thign myself! I just recently watched the new WWE DVD No Holds Barred. I hadn't seen it since I was a child and had forgotten how truly bad it was! No Holds Barred stars Hulk Hogan. It was produced by Hogan and Vince McMahon. It in fact wa sMcMAhon's first foray into film production. This 1989 film was such a flop that McMahon wouldn't return to Hollywood until 2002 with the Scorpion King. The film is so corny that WWE's current marketing strtegy for the film's release on DVD was to advertise it as "so bad, it's good." The film is filled with cliches, bad acting and a poor script. It's also noteworthy fo rintroducing "Tiny" Lister to audiences. He would later have memorable appearance in the Friday films with Ice Cube and The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis and Mila Janovich. To further illustrate the diference in marketing from the inital theatrical relase and its DVD relase here are the two trailers, the original trailer: the DVD release: