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  1. yeah i messed up. there is actually a lot of good material in this episode. i made 2 pages worth of notes.
  2. it's kind of like watching your favorite tv show, you've already seen the intro a million times and you just want to fast forward it and get to the good part. the interesting thing that tv shows like Weeds is they messed up the intro each time to make you want to watch it to see what happens. in these i just want to fast forward past it. i felt like this episode didn't deliver much interest aha moments. something about the advertising industry collapsing, then something about telling people you love their industry so they'll tell you about their problems so you can fix them. i'll try to listen again tomorrow to find out if i'm just crabby today
  3. do you HAVE TO put the SAME intro clip on every episode? it's annoying. just put something that says, start at episode 1 to get an understanding of this podcast. thanks
  4. TurdTrader

    Episode 6 — Raising Money

    Wolfie, your description does not do this episode justice there is some much more in here than just raising money, in fact the raising money part was a tiny blip in the whole show. this was a much better episode, i really understood what Seth was saying and found some great nuggets, 2 and half typed pages of notes! the only part i'm struggling to understand is at the end, where Seth says when it's your story it's harder because it means so much to you so you don't want to screw it up. then he says your job is to be an actor and tell a story that persuades the audience that your idea is right. i'm not understanding if he is using the "be an actor" as a way to escape the fear that you'll tell the story incorrectly, i.e. be a proxy and deflect the blame for a bad story to an invisible storywriter not yourself but at the same time Seth is saying you need to persuade the audience that you are right, which sound dangerous and scary. do you think he was just saying this is what you need to do for tomorrow, be an actor - make it interesting (pressure), or was that a way to get around the fear of telling your story (protection against critics)?
  5. hi Basil, Sorry i was not notified of your post on the forum here, so i am late in responding. i just found this as I was scanning through the forums this morning, looking to see what others reactions were to this series. i prefer the one-to-one audiobook or podcast format, rather than the seminar style. in the seminar style we are obviously missing some things, and by not being there, or having a visual video of what is going on, it's sometimes hard to understand the tangents that he is jumping off to. plus the seminar length, i think i would get bored and my attention would drift off, an ADD thing. i think a podcast or audiobook is a bit more focused because the information is prepared and structured in a way that makes it follow a linear storyline - easier to follow
  6. Hmm, i'm disappointed there has not been much discussion on this show
  7. i had only half a page of notes from this session. i just could not extract many things that i felt were valuable from this episode. my attention kept drifting. i also feel like i'm going to need to rewrite my notes after this series is finished, so all notes follow a logical order that i can use when planning the business. anyone else share these feelings?
  8. at first i thought this session wasn't so great. but reviewing my notes, this has some good nuggets of information. this is the second time this week (since Saturday actually, where i have heard someone say "making any choice is better than avoiding a choice because you are afraid it won't be the right choice. this episode was about exclusivity, and control. both with examples on google adwords - tweaking the concept for maximum profit and controlling how it works; and Sripraphai - appealing to a subset of a large market, and taking advantage of the ratings system to gain leadership by creating their own market. earwolf must not be allowed to playback the entire episode, you can tell these are highlights or specific clips, not the entire seminar, but it is good enough to get you thinking. if you need more information you now have the appetite and you can go search for the answers to the questions you have. Seth's most recent blog post talked about the concept of an elevator speech. it should not be the whole story of your business, it should make the listener want to book time with you to hear the rest of the story, so you can get them to become a customer.
  9. then you should get the audio version of purple cow, or free prize inside, were you hear Seth talking directly to you in a one on one first voice. great books.
  10. TurdTrader

    Episode 3 — Creating Scarcity

    i think Seth Godin must be a genius, because of the way he can jump from one topic to another based on the audience's questions, without hesitating or pausing, he always seems to know what to say. this can also seem to be annoying, because sometime it feels like he is going off on tangents and it's hard to follow the conversation in linear steps to the conclusion of a goal.
  11. TurdTrader

    Episode 3 — Creating Scarcity

    i wish your audio player had a 10 second rewind button, so if you heard something that caught your attention, you could go back 10 seconds and replay it again, to let it sink in etc. i can click in the ribbon bar, but its a random click, not exact, etc.
  12. TurdTrader

    Episode 3 — Creating Scarcity

    my brain somehow reminded me to go back to your website this morning to see if there was a new episode, and bingo there it was. awesome!
  13. the music only seems to be on the intro, so it didn't bother me much at all. i retained a lot more from ep1 and was super excited to listen to ep2 which was also great. it is really refreshing to hear smart content, cuz there is just too much noise out there regarding startups...
  14. this is the first time i've heard of earwolf, and at first, i assumed it was Seth's product that was providing the podcast, because i came here directly from a link in one of Seth's emails. i noticed you don't have a tagline under your logo stripe that describes what earwolf is, etc. i'm also wondering why you're not using a responsive html design that resizes to fit on a smartphone screen? at least i can listen to the podcasts on iPhone using QuickTime. thank you for hosting these podcasts.