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  1. myatlanticsun

    Podcast List

    I do search, but browsing reminds me of old episodes I might've forgotten about. And having the pictures of everyone on each podcast is pretty rad.
  2. myatlanticsun

    Podcast List

    Is there a way to see more than the 8 episode links on each podcast's page? I listen to old ones all the time, and it's a pain to go through all the pages. The site is great otherwise, just a suggestion.
  3. myatlanticsun

    Episode 125 — LIVE from Vancouver 2013 II

    I saw them at Caroline's in New York, his material was great. And Mulaney killed, obviously.
  4. myatlanticsun

    Episode 117.5 — 3/1/13 TWO CHARTED 56

    jizz mischief. that is all.
  5. someone from always sunny. and Anthony jeselnik.
  6. myatlanticsun

    Episode 191 — 2012 Holiday Spectacular

    Santerclantz. That is all.
  7. myatlanticsun

    Episode 97 — Funchbob Coolpants

    where are the knee high socks?? i gotta buy them for the girlfriend i dont have.