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  1. This movie is a contender for stupidest character death ever. Tom Selleck, a trained professional, puts on his anti robot suit and begins sneaking around the dark house in the most careful manner possible. Then the news cameraman (with a large light on his camera!) barges in behind him with the subtlety of Kramer entering Jerry's apartment. Strangely, Tom Selleck only looks mildly annoyed by this behaviour.

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  2. When Tom Selleck is fighting the mech spiders on that rickety, old elevator, it totally reminded me of those levels in Mario Brothers where you climb around and punch turtles through a fence.




    Me too! It gave my brain something fun to remember while I was trying to sit through this.


    Anyone else think Selleck was going to give his partner a face waterfall at the end? But instead it turned out to be the lesser spotted nose mash.

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  3. About a month ago I saw a screening of The Room with the added bonus of episode 1 of The Neighbours, with Tommy in attendance. It was funny in the odd Wiseau way you'd expect, but I'm not clamouring to see any more episodes. The awkward part was when Tommy came out after and earnestly implored that we all write to the major tv stations in the UK to tell them how much we want to see The Neighbours shown on television.


    The screening was on Valentines Day. It struck me that The Room is possibly the least appropriate Valentines Day movie ever made. At least I wasn't on a date!

    ...on Valentines Day. :unsure:

  4. Omission! I have to show some genuine love for May Day's death - an properly good moment that somehow isn't ruined by everything surrounding it. May Day deciding to turn against her former lover/boss was much more effective than Jaws doing the same thing in Moonraker. And that "Grace Jones" stare she fixes on Zorin just before she explodes - badass.


    My bond girl name? Vagina McTits.

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  5. I assume Paul found it strange because, to the average American, "scotch" implies smoky/peaty/weird/imported/expensive, whereas "whiskey" is more or less synonymous with Jack Daniels: sweet, mostly corn-based, inoffensive. Jack & Coke is very well-known here.


    Okay, I get what you mean. I'd never ask for, say, a Laphroaig and coke. I think a lot of barmen would refuse to make it. If that's what the grandma wanted then she is the most nuts thing in this movie.

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  6. As Cameron pointed out, scotch and coke is indeed a drink, though here in the UK it's more likely to be called a whisky and coke, or to be more specific a Jack Daniels and coke (you wouldn't want to dilute high grade, expensive stuff in coke after all).


    See Also: rum and coke; vodka and coke

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