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  1. As a side note, Imdb lists this movie as rated PG and the parent guide on there says there is no profanity, but I am 1000% sure that when Ernest is knocked unconscious by Lyle and dragged behind the dumpster that someone can be heard saying "Fuck".


    Yes. It sounds as if Lyle mutters Fuck because he's pissed off about having to drag Ernest. As if Ernest is really heavy or smells awful.


    The weirdest thing about this film for me was the jail's pink and blue colour scheme. The guards looked like little pink M. Bisons.

  2. Anyone else notice that when Scott Bakula is trying to relax in his office the music he chooses to listen to is the soundtrack of the movie! It's the same sort of classical-music-from-a-circus-tent stuff that we hear throughout the film, and a very ominous track at that. Maybe he'd have had a better night if he played some of the more erotic music from the soundtrack.

  3. Some de-evolution guns from SUPER MARIO BROS found their way into our world and turned a few people into disgruntled apes. A couple of years later these apes have now become a large group, living in the CONGO. The diamonds from this jungle are mined by the company that Nicolas Cage works for in TRESPASS. Cam Gigantet, some years prior to the Trespass, escaped from the same mental hospital that Justin Bartha was kidnapped from in GIGLI. The thumb Gigli cuts off in the morgue belongs to THE ROOM's recently deceased Tommy Wiseau. Tommy Wiseau is really a gigantic mechanical, partially melted, action man figure that escaped from Robin Williams' TOYS factory during the battle in the factory. The market for old-timey mechanical toys finally dries up in the late 90's and Robin Williams is also involved in a sex scandal with a realistic lady robot. As a result Robin Williams gives up his dreams and channels his business acumen into sports marketing with John Travolta in OLD DOGS (this movie also contains a gorilla, the offspring of a de-evolved human). The jet pack from the end of the movie is the same one that carried Arnold Schwarzenegger in JINGLE ALL THE WAY. Jim Belushi's counterfeit toy operation also made Silver Shamrock Halloween masks from HALLOWEEN 3. Cochran (who, incidentally, helped develop realistic robots with Robin Williams' dad) is in fact a male witch and a second cousin of the LEPRECHAUN.


    Okay, I'm exhausted from finding links. Anyone feel free to pick it up from here.

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  4. I have to lend my support to this choice, having been subjected to the film recently. Its crimes:


    -The movie begins and we see Dan Aykroyd leaving prison, to be informed his brother has died.The scene is played straight and the tone is sombre. But then the movie subsequently features the wackiest hijinks imaginable. Death doesn't seem quite so serious in a universe that contains singing zombies.


    -John Belushi is (inadequately) replaced with three new "Brothers", John Goodman, Miles Dyson from Terminator 2 and a surly orphan kid. Goodman and Dyson are fine, I guess, but the kid is a problem. Who wants to see a Blues Brothers movie about growing up and accepting the responsibilities of fatherhood!? Their character arc, as far as I can tell, occurs offscreen. In one scene Dan Aykroyd and the kid don't get on. In the very next scene the kid has basically become a little Blue Brother, singing and dancing, with no antipathy toward Aykroyd any more.


    -Almost all of the film is recycled plot points from original. He has to put the band back together again (again), they are chased by police, they are chased by a Russian gang (this movie's Neo-Nazis), Aretha Franklin sings a song about respecting her and then her husband leaves her to join the band. There is even a comically over the top chase and police car pile up. But the movie doesn't 1-up it. If anything it 1-downs it.


    -The original stretched the boundaries of what is physically possible to comic effect (surviving a building exploding, super high backflips in the church, the car chase).This film is basically a cartoon. People are transformed into rats, zombies and, in one instance, a Blue Brother. Dan Aykroyd hides in a glove compartment. The band can summon ghost riders in the sky. The car is a submarine.


    -It has '2000' in its title just to seem futuristic or modern or something. The movie was released in 1998.


    -Singing zombies.

  5. Reading Jack Frosts Wikipedia page it seems to make a lot out of the Resemblance of the snowman to Michael Keaton:


    'One night, Charlie makes another snowman that bears as much of a resemblance to Jack as he can remember of him'


    'Jack attempts to greet Charlie, but ends up terrifying him with his uncanny appearance'




    Yes. If Michael Keaton looked like this:​



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  6. I think Pasta Robot would be a fine middle name, regardless of gender. I know about as much about naming children though as June knows about street fighters. I was supposed to be a Jason until 2 weeks before I was born, but then my parents got lazy and just slapped a Junior on my dad's name...


    For what it's worth, I think PlanBFromOuterSpace Junior suits you much better than Jason.

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  7. This isn't an actor appearing in more than one HDTGM movie, but both Devil's Advocate and Drive Angry feature a character called John Milton. Screenwriters, it seems, really enjoy demonstrating that they've heard of Paradise Lost.