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    Episode 563 - Where You Come From with CHVRCHES

    Bean Dip is beginning to be one of my favorite characters. Too good. I keep giggling at her sudden SHIFTS IN EMOTION where she gets SUPER EXCITED, beeeiitch.
  2. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 560 - 1-800 Jingles

    Wow - this just starts off good. I'm going to have a speaker in the bathroom playing snake charmer music.
  3. NotBettyWhite

    New DM - Map Makers? Just The DM Tips?

    Howdy - Like many of you, I am now inspired to get a campaign going with some buddies. This is the first time DMing, and am looking for some decent (free if possible) map makers that you use. There are many on the web, and wasn't sure if those out there in Nerd Poker-land had any preferences. Also, if you have any tips for a first time DM pass 'em on. My group and I are fairly new to playing (I played 3.5e back when it came out). We're playing 5e, and it definitely seems a lot more streamlined. I have the three core books, dice, an account on Roll20.net, etc... I have the materials, now need the skill. I'm anxious (and a little nervous) because I want it fun - and not awkward & boring. ... It's like wanting to kiss that girl who never really paid any attention to me... And then when we finally have that moment where we could suck face, I end up talking about the comforts of sweatpants and 8th Grade... She then walks away wondering what the hell just happened... I stand there pissing myself... ... I don't want that to happen DMing my campaign. Ya dig? Roll 'em if you got 'em... Thanks!! -NotBettyWhite (Edit: Also told my buddies to listen to this episode: https://soundcloud.com/nerd-poker/going-in-recons-blazing)
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    Episode 552 - Hey, Keep Readin'

    Bean Dip is something else.
  5. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 535 - Niles Per Hour

    Is this a CBB Conspiracy Theory 'Sclusy??
  6. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 531 - Atmosphere Bully

    Gunna go make myself a Churchill... Some brandy, and gin, and bacon and drrrrrrrrrr
  7. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 514 - The Calvins Twins Return

    I would love to be in the room when The Calvin Twins have a conversation w/ Victor & Tiny. ... Willy is not invited.
  8. There's green schist, and there is brown schist, but only white schist is truly scarred. Rock on.
  9. ... I'm blaming this episode for almost getting me fired... I kept singing just "Goin' up the country......" like a high-pitched Kermit and it's pissing off my manager... It's now in everyone's head and my coworkers want me murdered...
  10. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 507 - Popcorn Costume

    Everyone was on point. This is going to be a hard vote come The Best Of's...
  11. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 498 - What That DOS

    I've played it via an emulator - it is f'in ridiculous. If I recall, the two go at it against a cactus - which is also just wrong...
  12. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 498 - What That DOS

    I'd love to hear a conversation between Flula & Herzog Werner...
  13. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 497 - Wait Awhile

    @10:10 - I picked the wrong time to eat french toast with loads of strawberry jam....
  14. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 479 - The Bunn Process

  15. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 475 - Prince and John Popper

    I love picturing Gino driving from Long Island to Hollywood just to commute to his internship. ... He "works" eight hours, and gets right back in his shitty car to go back to Long Island from Hollywood... Once he makes it home a month later, he crawls into his bed, gets barely four hours of sleep, and gets right back in his shitty car to drive right back to Hollywood from Long Island.. ... Wash, rinse, repeat.
  16. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 471 - Shy By Nature, Outgoing By Nurture

    Nice to know Wookie Mantzoukas and I had similar dumbassery by locking keys in our cars after running out of gas. '89 Honda Civic...
  17. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 462 - Breakin’ Since the 30s

    I'm going to bring up the lack of hard boiled eggs available in my neighborhood.
  18. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 459 - Giamatti Gives Thanks

    Poor Giamatti seemed to tear up a lot during this episode. ... Loser. EDIT: Hahahahaha! Just got to the point where Paul is talking about his odd body shape, radar, and having to fly. Too funny! Bravo James A. on your quick wit and improv. Hilarious... I just want that clip to be a Best Of. .. Now I'm tearing up.
  19. So... ... Now that Leo has done the fifth and sixth edition version.... Does that mean the 2017 version of Suicide House will have... maybe the seventh and final version. :|
  20. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 453 - Unblocked and Unlocked

    ... Only Reggie Watts is licensed to use a modulator. It's in the CBB Bill of Rights While Wearing Tights: Article XXVI: Thou shall not ask a question before the floor is open. Article XXVII: Only Reggie Watts can use a voice modulator. Article XXVIII: Jarles shall always be Classic Jarles.
  21. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    Full on C- episode. This ep just builds and builds to a crazy end.
  22. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 430 - Man Veils

    Oh man I cannot wait for this episode. Being my birthday and all, I might as well start listening to this now.
  23. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    Only 11:30 in and am being sooooo careful drinking my coffee. Holy shit - this is just too funny.
  24. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 404 - The Timeys Leap Year Celebration

    Order of The Keepers? ... About time there was some representation for my lost/stolen Trapper Keeper from the 80's.
  25. NotBettyWhite

    Episode 403 - This Ain't Now, This is Then

    Hahahaha! This is awesome. Hitler & Adam's quote are nice touches!