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  1. Picklefucker

    Episode 192 β€” GoodFelines

    God dammit, awkward a capella Wipeout needs to be a regular feature. No more of this half-assed, second-long bullshit, you fucking tease.
  2. "Fuck Chuck Woolery" should be Jake's catchphrase.
  3. Picklefucker

    Episode BO2012.2 β€” Best of 2012 Pt 2

    I have really mixed feelings about the first picture. It's awesome, but I don't like seeing a distinguished gentleman like Paul F. Tompkins in such a subservient position. Yes, these are my 3am thoughts.
  4. Picklefucker

    Episode 192 β€” Best of 2012 Pt 1

    Well, I was enjoying this, but then that host guy called me a swiffer for listening. What the fuck, man?
  5. Picklefucker

    Episode 8 β€” You're A Moron

    Hayes' spontaneous laugh attacks are quickly becoming my favorite parts of the show.
  6. Picklefucker

    Episode 19 β€” The Christmas Womptacular

  7. Picklefucker

    Episode 191 β€” 2012 Holiday Spectacular

    I forgot how much I love PFT shitting on Harris. They need to do more episodes together.
  8. Picklefucker

    Episode 51 β€” Liz and Dick

    I don't know if you're talking about The Hobbit or Liz & Dick. I'm gonna go with Liz & Dick.
  9. Picklefucker

    Episode 111 β€” Add 5 and Figure it Out

    Ooh, now this debate is going places. Thanks, TupFrusalnpup!
  10. Picklefucker

    Episode 7 β€” Beat That Chocolate

    Nice riffing in Tanks But No Tanks. That was some straight-up Sklarbro shit.
  11. Picklefucker

    Episode 51 β€” Liz and Dick

    To be fair, Vodka brand vodka is somewhat common practice in movies and TV. Beer beer is also everywhere, and it's consistently hilarious.
  12. Picklefucker

    Episode 190 β€” You Know What I Mean?

    Gasp, those are my three greatest loves!
  13. Picklefucker

    Episode 17 β€” CBB Nativity Pageant Special

    I've never been to one of these shows. I live on the other side of the country. And I'm feeling emotions right now. Fuck you, sincerity!
  14. Picklefucker

    Episode 189 β€” The Pancake Man

    Dueling Stewarts needs to be a regular feature, complete with uncomfortable Werner Herzog.
  15. Picklefucker

    Episode 98 β€” A Wordy MΓ©nage

    Five minutes in, I have to say I live in Maine and I'm digging it so far.
  16. Picklefucker

    Episode 180 β€” Friends Without Words

    Please...Mr. Picklefucker was my father. Call me explicit brine-fermented cucumber.
  17. Picklefucker

    Episode 46.5 β€” Minisode 46.5

    I think everyone's missing one of the most depressing parts of this movie: Lance fucking Henriksen was in a shitty movie. Speaking of which, you guys should probably do Hard Target. That shit be cray.
  18. Picklefucker

    Episode 180 β€” Friends Without Words

    Did PFT forget about Garry Marshall's catchphrase? Scott kept calling him "Mr. Marshall" at the end...